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  1. I caught my 2 eggs in one drop, though my internet connection is veeery slow. Wow. I didn't expect that. Awesome!
  2. I got both in less than a minute - wow.
  3. I'm happy, I got all 38.
  4. Just got another one. ^^ 23 now...
  5. 22 eggs yet... 16 to go. ^^
  6. Karfunkel

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I got three of them!! I just clicked randomly on any egg I saw and got three different ones - only the green is missing. =D
  7. Introducing CAPTCHA Mislead Mismangement K , a 3rd Gen CAPTCHA-Pygmy.
  8. Introducing CAPTCHA Stop Charming K, CB pygmy and CAPTCHA I'm Early K, son of CAPTCHA Downtown Phoenix and CAPTCHA First Gladness.
  9. Introducing CAPTCHA First Gladness K and the offspring of her and CAPTCHA Downtown Phoenix, rXOK .
  10. Yeah, as I saw this captcha, I HAD to use it.
  11. Here's CAPTCHA Downtown Phoenix K , a CB male Pygmy. *starting a pygmy-captcha-lineage*
  12. Great idea! ;D I had some unnamed dragons, now they all got CAPTCHA-names! Funny ^^ CAPTCHA Eventually dancing K CAPTCHA influenced finks K CAPTCHA maintained herewith K CAPTCHA the happiest K CAPTCHA protest Dearie K CAPTCHA the visual K K is my personal suffix. (: