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  1. no windy eggs - just a mistake hope that this windy eggs will be sometimes land an DC :)
  2. I have to wait 2 more hours to trade or release 2 of my eggs for 2 windy. Hope I will find some windy then.
  3. Damn, got 4 of each new egg and now - there is a windy one..... And I'm totaly egglogged and the eggs are too young to trade or release. *cry* Hope they will be all permanent.
  4. What is the special of the mint egg? I miss it.
  5. WOW why they are so fast? I try to grab one in the alpine since 2 hours. Thats impossible. I won' t be the complete day at my labtop.
  6. Thanks for the Holidays Biome - but it's hard or impossible to grab the Hollies. This is the only breed I need now. Others are faster than I.
  7. Ok thanks now I understand - so I can only hunt Hollys or Yulebuck.
  8. If I had no parentless holidaydragon - Can I grab one although I have breed ones?
  9. Hi, I try to grab some eggs at the Holiday Biome - but I always get a message that I have the limited 2 eggs and can't grab any. If I bred the eggs or if I grab one of the abandoned I get the egg. Is this only me? Is this a glitch?
  10. Thank you so much AppelMango - I never come up of this idea. Edit - and finally I finished. (after 2 hours)
  11. I'm in the village now - but I have no idea what I should do with this dragon. Would give him some flowers..... but it dosen't work.
  12. Same here - need long time for the spider but now..... use go to - walk to.... nothing Love such games - but it's been a long time I played them.......
  13. What a surprise - I won one game. Got my badge - a green kind of spider or oktopus or so. I'm so happy - after 3 days with lost games. And I got all 54 treats. yeah!
  14. No badge for me this year - this game is nothing for me. Can't fix it. How many trick or treat are available? Happy Halloween everybody!
  15. Great job - I love the new cave-sites. Got my new eggs - and an extra Aria - but I miss the frill. I'm so happy that this two dragons are back.
  16. I'm looking for a pair from the alpine and volcano. Need another egg from jungel. But I can't see any. They are so rare?
  17. I only need 1 desert and 2 forest eggs for my collection. I have grabbed 1 alpine and 1 desert - in the last 2 hours. Very hard to catch now.
  18. Hi, my new eggs hatch and now I'm looking for another couple of eggs - but the onlynew eggs I see are the new eggs in the alpine. No new eggs at desert or forest. Are they really rare or is this a glitch?
  19. Happy Birthday Thanks for the new eggs.
  20. Puh - they must be very rare - I look yesterday for a new release - but there was none - and now I read that there is a new one. But don't saw only one egg - I don't like such a sadly release. Sad about it.
  21. Cool, new eggs - thank you! Got a pair of each and an extra plates. Why TJ has so much gemstones? Will they have diffrent colors?
  22. My green dragon got a pink lady mate. Very intresting. And what will happen tomorrow?
  23. Hi, Happy Valentines Day each other. I love this new eggs - they are so pretty. Nice game - I selected a dark green dragon: A nhiostrife wyvern comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more sweets.