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Credits for my avatar: sketch, wondersueak. Sprite, Little Art Girlmy dragon concepts----) Ruddertail Dragon/Deathson Dragon/Trumpeter Wyvern/Hurtle Dragon/lyre Dragon/Anemtoxin Wyvern/Iceburrow Dragon/Porcupine Drak/Harmonious Dragon/Circe Dragon/Deflect Dragon/Grinding Granite Dragon/ Shape & Shift Dragons/Magnet Dragon/Teleport DragonCompleted Concepts----)Harpoontail Amphitere/Contortia Dragon/Whirlpool Dragon/Puppeteer Wyvernwondersueak.pngI apologize for my prolonged absence. I'll try to get in touch with those who helped out on my dragon concepts.

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    My two big-time passions are.... singing and playing the clarinet. I love this game and all the artwork that goes into it.