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  1. Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for the events TJ and spriters
  2. Thanks for this Halloween TJ and spriters!
  3. Finally got them all...2 am and work tomorrow... Thanks for the event TJ and spriters! Really can't choose a favourite egg.
  4. The new dragons are so pretty and it's been lovely receiving flowers and messages from people (and fun sending!). Thank you TJ, spriters and flower/message senders for making this such a fun week!
  5. Lots of gorgeous forts on here Here is mine: http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Eliwen I tried to shove a bit of everything on to it. I hope I didn't over do it Now I need to resist the urge to continuously tweak it. Here is the one I made for my brother: http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/786hitk0 (since he can't be bothered ) Went a bit more "traditional" for his one.
  6. The hatchies look adorable! Thanks TJ and spriters! Happy Holidays!
  7. Thanks for such a lovely Halloween TJ and spriters. All my halloween eggs have hatched now, though I had to put them on 8 different hatcheries! Can't wait to see what the adults look like.
  8. SanguineWolf --> Eliwen Dragon Breed: Nebula flowerfire --> Eliwen Dragon Breed: Nebula Thanks guys! Have two Nebula's to freeze now. Hopefully 1 male and 1 female. To be removed from a list: Forum Name: Eliwen List(s) To Be Removed From: Nebula
  9. Happy valentines day everyone ! Thanks for the event
  10. I forgot about the deadline so had under an hour to to do this though I already had the idea in my head. Messed up the balcony and didn't get to finish it to how I wanted it but here it is: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Eliwen
  11. I messed up the balcony there is also a floating piece of frosting which should have disappeared http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Eliwen
  12. Looking forward to the Gingerbread house decorating! Still lots of recipes to make though. Feeling lazy... suddenly craving gingerbread...
  13. Thanks for the event TJ and spriters! Wonder if I can get a holly after four years. This is the first time I've seen one in the AP so that's a start
  14. Love the adult sprites. I like the males a tiny bit more than the females though.
  15. Yay! It's here! Thanks TJ and spriters Got 7 lovely eggs for myself and 6 for my brother I had a weird dream that this years dragons would be something brain related. Even dreaming about dc
  16. Thanks, managed to get a wave one
  17. Happy Birthday DC! Am I too late? Can't seem to find any new eggs in the cave
  18. 32/42 10 to go. Thanks for the event TJ and spriters ^^
  19. I've named mine Chocolate Wyng and Love Chocolate
  20. Success! Grabbed 2 eggs for my brother and myself. Thanks TJ and spriters
  21. Forum Name: Eliwen Scroll link: Scroll PM Link: PM List/s: Chicken, Red Dino, Alt Vine, Gold, €Sunsong and Nebula please Inbred or Not?: Would like inbreds Cat
  22. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for the event TJ and spriters. It's been a fun 12 days.
  23. Yay! managed to get myself and my brother the new eggs Staying up till 5am was totally worth it. Liking today's story/song too Thanks TJ and spriters! Merry Christmas everyone! Now if only I can find a Holly...