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  1. I love, love, love these dragons so much. I love the bright and vibrant colors as well as their sleek design. I love the largeness and curves of their horns, and I just think they are a wonderful breed of dragon~<3 They, along with omen and despis are the favorites of the Halloween dragons for me.~<3
  2. I still love the hatchies. They're adorable. Also, my zombie luck was 2 zombies, one revival. And like... 3-4 avoidances? My luck wasn't too bad. It'd been better than the last few times I tried to zombie-fy. Better than a grand total of 0 during one night, so yeah.
  3. I LOVE the hatchlings so much! They're adorable and snake-y like. And I love their horns. I'm totally looking forward to seeing the adults.
  4. What Easter dragons? I failed to get a special mint... but there are more?
  5. Oh, I like the Breed Specific actions to the black dragons. I feel that could be helpful. And I would like all 31sts to be the best day to kill dragons for zombies, but Halloween the best of them all.
  6. As one who wasn't to change my scroll-name, I support and will answer inquiries to give my two cents, even if it's a little late. And not very informative... Visible history or no? (And: permanently visible history or no?) I think yes. So you know who you are dealing with. And those of trade scammers as I've heard. I've not dealt with the problem, personally, so I have no strong opinions on this. Permanent reservation of previous usernames? (the first post says yes) Yes. So someone doesn't pretend to be you, or someone else for that matter. I think doing something like Deviant Art, where it redirects to your current username is a good idea, since it'll be linked anyway. Limits on usage would definitely be a thing (And longer than the forums). Possibly even once-per-account, period. I think once a year after implementation is a good limit. And then, a year cool-down after changing once. Honestly, I just want to change my scroll-name once. now that I have a name for myself online, I want it to be what I'm known as. Not my place-holder. I do understand how that could cause more bandwidth issues though, saving all the old username and files/redirects... but I don't know to what extent, since I'm not savvy in that area.
  7. I shall send above, as well as do direct responses to those sent. :') I find it somewhat fun and intriguing.~ -post spot save- edit: Scroll name: Elemental Draconis
  8. Saving post to send!~ My scroll name is: Elemental Draconis (until I can find a way to change it)
  9. Ugh- finally got some by grabbing indistinctly. Now I can sleep
  10. I need to go to bed... But I'm having a hard time catching any of them. D: The heck man- the lag along with Australia's horrible speeds are making this nigh improbable. So... I'm going to miss this halloween event because I can't catch one. ;_; *sigh*
  11. I love my little Despis- which I chose to dress like a leetle angel. Well- as much as I could with what I have. I've seen a few others. I'm surprised how it's little liked by the poll though.
  12. I can't see the costumes I'm dressing my little hatchling in. IS that a bug or something? I can see the items in the store- and I can see when they are changed into the costume- I just can't see it if I'm adjusting stuff.
  13. I had 5 different species of the dragons I was interested in taking in. But once I read a little, and saw the popularities- I chose the Desipis. I will give it more love- the love that it deserves. It was one of the five, among Marrow, Lurker, Witchlight, and Caligene.
  14. I still haven't been able to catch one either. I only saw one once, the night they were released. And since, I haven't seen any. I really want these guys, they look so nice. edit: I JUST saw one now. But I was too slow I think.
  15. @ Syiren, Lissarose, EternallyYin: Oh, thanks! I guess I've just been really unlucky and haven't seen any. I filled my egg batches anyway, seeing as I don't have males of some of the ones I own. Guess I'll have to wait about a week before egg hunting for these adorable new eggs.~ Thanks, and happy hunting to all of you guys as well. :'D
  16. I think I missed the egg drops. D: Sad.
  17. Um.. most of the quests give you three items. How many did the quest with the dragons who wants sweaters on the cats want? I only got one item, because the game froze after he gave me one. I don't know if he give you two more or not.
  18. I, Elemental Draconis, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I shall name all of my dragons, and I do my best to keep up with that. When I don't give a name, that's usually because I've been away. Generally, I name them once they reach adults. Names are based on gender and how they look.
  19. I think I will take you up on that offer once I'm done with the ones I have. I do not mind bred eggs at all. I actually pick up eggs from the abandoned lairs to give them a new home a lot of the times. I thank you for the offer!~<3
  20. Thank you Amazon_warrior and dhorne. Ah- I don't have those dragons either. D: The Magma is one I've wanted for a LOONG time before it was even officially released. I need to acquire the three. Maybe I can find someone to strike up some trades or so.Rare dragons were never something that came to me easily. But again, thank you, both of you. edit: I'll go to hunting for someone to help or trade with once I have my current three eggs grow up into adults.
  21. Umm.... I haven... maybe a stupid question. From semi-hiatus... how does one get a Guardian of Nature? I don't have one of those dragons- so I can't get these Avatar dragons. D:
  22. My vase is rather shabby right now. >>;
  23. Xathoa


    <3 I would just love plushie dragons! I am collecting draipendores (reptiles, amphibians, dragons (sea serpents), and dinosaurs) and I need more dragon plushies. O_o A lot more. >.> I would actually want each and every one of them if they are made. x'D Then I would cuddle and hoard them so no one will touch them except me. >D ......... Um..... But you didn't hear that from me. <.<;; >.>;; Anyways, Still would love lone. =D *is now thinking of sewing one or a few for my own evil army* >.> <.<