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I'm an artist.~ And I currently have commission open, if anyone's interested~<3
There are a few wishlisted dragons I want; my profile has a small list of ones I'm struggling to acquire.

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    In the land of the collective subconscious creation
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    Profile info:

    My username on Dragcave is Elemental Draconis.
    I plan on trying to change it to Xathoa as soon as I have a chance to.... when I do.
    Been here since... '07? '08? Slow collector, but long-time fan.

    I can trade sketchy art for gifted dragons. :'D Just let me know before-hand so we can arrange something. :')

    Wishlist / Looking for (F = Female / M= Male):
    Elemental Lindwyrms~ (Fire [brown])
    Zyumorph Dragons~ (M Yellow, M Red)
    Blue Baikala Dragons~ (F+M)
    Red Gemshards (M+F)
    Gold Dragon