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  1. Awesome game guys! I'm really impressed what you create for DragonCave <3
  2. Koro

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    I have to say, its a ****ty time for me...last time I had the whole day time to collect my eggs, now Iam not even able to catch one in the first drop because too many people with faster connection to the server are online...for someone in Europe you only have a few more hours to try...the previous time was better for me...
  3. wow they look awesome <3 thanks tj and spriters! Has been a fun christmas so far
  4. guys....the prizes aren't announced yet so keep cool o_o And Congrats araminta, finally a winner is here
  5. And no email for me too ^^" Congrats to the winners
  6. Mine grew up too, and they perfectly match witht the other Christmas dragons can't wait to create a lineage with them Thanks a lot Earthgirl for your hard work
  7. awesome job spriters >.<
  8. Thank you all for this awesomeness!!! The skywings are really amazing and the pillows >.< WOAH and the freezed ballons!!!!! CUTE Ho ho ho ... the new waterhorse design looks so badass
  9. Beautiful breed, thanks spriters
  10. Koro

    Stop BSL Lineage

    Hi there, I would like to join the lineage, really a great idea I think there's no problem with BSL in Germany (luckily) I see a lot of these dogs in my neighborhood and they are all very lovely and friendly (I think Golden Retriever are more like lambs ) Sometimes I ask myself how someone can come up with such an awful idea as BSL (no hobby...no job...no brain?)
  11. I think an official request list would be nice cause for me it's difficult to find a tinsel breeder/know people who have a tinsel and are willing to gift the offspring. On second thought there would be so much drama and requests that it's hard to handle it ^^"
  12. Yeah, it's still really difficult to get one, maybe in one year it will be easier? I didn't find any tinsel list /breeding list for any, did you pm the person or is there an official? I think pming the breeder is a little bit ... you know ^^"
  13. I'm already trying for 7 hours to catch one egg, but nothing...I turned off java, pictures, everything...but the laggs won't stop, it really sucks -.- could be the first event for me without catching an egg ._.