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  1. Don't fret too much. It took me 36 tries to get my first GoN, then 5 more tries to get my 2nd, and 8 more tries to get my 3rd. You will get yours eventually, just remember to summon every 2 weeks
  2. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    I have some 2G Cool-Code babies up for trade or grabs: Make an offer on Cawzz+Boars! Make an offer on Moar+Apples! Make an offer on MrGee+Maul! If you want one, you can offer a trade or PM me for a transfer!
  3. I wanted to wait till I posted my own opinion. I have been looking at the silvers for a few hours now, and I do like the new sprites. But, when I compare them to my gold dragons, they do not match anymore. There is too much shine on my silvers, and I do not notice any outlines like my golds have: I do not know if this was supposed to happen? The silvers look too soft. Are they covered in hair, as opposed to scales, aside from their mane and tail? Their descriptions do not say, so I thought they were covered in scales, and scales tend to be not-soft looking. Aside from not having distinct outlines, I think they look really good. I really love the split update too. I didn't really collect them because I got bored of them not matching the new two-headed dragons, and I didn't like breeding them to them either. But now with the new update, I will start doing that. All in all, thank you spriters for the updates, I know you try to please the majority of users, but you can't please all of them.
  4. Just got some new cool-coded pairs, and they liked each other!
  5. My current bad luck is my perfect cool-coded dragons keep refusing their carefully selected mates:
  6. Last night I massbred all 200+ Olives I have. The AP will be green in a day or two.
  7. I'd like this feature made as well. I stopped describing my critters since it's not being approved anymore, or its taking waaaay to long. I don't want to bug any mods about approving stuff, since they have their own jobs to do as well.
  8. If the BSA Filter shows every dragon that has a BSA, then it will take longer to sift through which dragons are already available for use. Now, if the dragons that are still on cooldown are listed after the ones available, then that would be better, and you would get to see how long they have to wait. Other than that, I'm not for or against this. I use the BSA Filter quite often, and I like to filter by breed.
  9. If you are usingva PC to review descriptions, you can have another tab opened with the Guidelines, and just switch between the two. That is what I do.
  10. I had to google what the Pepe Witch was, I thought the treat was someone's bad attempt to sprite. But I now know that is the type of style they were going for. Still confused me though.
  11. The problem with that is "a few pages" becomes "too many pages" after a few minutes of people posting. Its good to repost that info.
  12. Is this a potato or a turd? I cannot see what it is supposed to be on my phone. http://-2iYJ.gif
  13. I support this suggestion. I would like to have a second batch of eggs to grab. I usually love the holiday releases. It would be good for people who are busy that one day, ike I will be on a plane for most of the day, with no internet access. I will have about 2 hours in the morning before the flight to try to get any eggs while on my phone, in Idaho, with spotty reception. I barely have internet over here, its terrible.
  14. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    I took it, thanks! Edit: tossed to the AP
  15. I have: https://dragcave.net/lineage/B0aRs http://dragcave.net/lineage/1R0Nr http://dragcave.net/lineage/MYglo
  16. xeyla

    Donation Meter

    Quick question for TJ: Does buying a $5 subscription help more than having ads on the page? Like, is there more money gained in the ad-removal, than with having the ads? I bought the $5 sub, and was curious.
  17. My wall of green is creeping up in the AP.
  18. It was supposed to Tie dye Iron. /cries
  19. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    I just caught a Boar https://dragcave.net/lineage/B0aRs
  20. I'd like to say that Silverfang has graduated. It has been over a week since they asked for help from me, so I believe they are fine now. However, I will still be here if anyone needs any help, be it in the Cave or the Forums. Edit: PM'd EmeraldPaw. Waiting for reply. Edit 2: They have responded to my PM, and I will mentor them now.
  21. Is anyone else missing the character counter on the "Describe" page of your dragon? I went to see if I had a pending description for my Gold, and I noticed the counter was not there: Does this mean there is no limit now?
  22. Thank you Corteo for the lovely sprites, and for your clarification on which changes were made, and why. Now that I know the reasons, I will come to like the new Nillias. I will miss the old sprite, it reminded me of a kitten that was about to snuggle next to something.
  23. I'd like this feature, only because I'd like to change my name from xeyla to Xeyla. I forgot to capitalize the "x" when I first made my forum & scroll accounts. Eidt: I just found this feature on another adoptable site I use, and here are the rules for using it: And while on the members profile page, there is this link you can click to see their previous names they had: But, I do not know how long the history of names stays for.
  24. I would like to see some new shading for the Red Dragon, but keep the pose. I think the Pebble Dragon could use some more shading as well.
  25. I see my eggs have been taken! Thank you to whoever adopted some, I hope you like them Edit: I have sent 82 red eggs to the AP. Your welcome.