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  1. I made my dragon enraged, and look at his code. He is swearing at a honey bee....
  2. I think they were asking where the quote originated from, on the web. I'm curious as well to know where it came from, and why it was a surprise to see it in the game. I don't see anything bad about it.
  3. Ahh, I thought he might have, but wanted to ask just to be sure. Thank you Odeen for the reply, and Thank You to everyone who worked on this! I really did enjoy the game, and I hope we can have something similar added to the Cave eventually, just as a passtime.
  4. I forgot about this one, I laughed when Romeo said this: All in all, this was a very fun game. I'd like to ask what program was used to make this game? It kinda looked like RPG Maker, but wasn't sure.
  5. Well, I'm kinda sad I got this for the end: But this made up for it:
  6. If you have Snaplinks, you can use that to count your dragons quickly. Just right-click and drag over your dragon images, and it has a count of how many images/links it has highlighted. Just don't release the mouse-button, or it will open every link you have highlighted: Just highlight all of your greenwings on one page, then do the same for the next page, ect..., and add up the totals. Edit: It will help if you temp. sort your scroll by breed before doing this. Edit2: I just counted your Greenwings for you, and you have: 8/pg1 212/pg4 497/pg5 717 total, as of this edit.
  7. I decided to be nice today, I left the GoN his amulet.
  8. For those that are stuck on the 1st mirror puzzle, here is a Screenie of where the mirrors should be placed: http://s6.postimg.org/xjuqyyh75/screenshot_643.png Edit: Just found a second puzzle, and I will edit in the solution to that one when I find it out. And here are the picture links, for those that do not spoilers: 1: http://s6.postimg.org/tbzyq7frl/screenshot_644.png 2: http://s6.postimg.org/idop80r69/screenshot_645.png 3: http://s6.postimg.org/hcogiwa6p/screenshot_646.png 4: http://s6.postimg.org/ro5epar9t/screenshot_647.png
  9. I'm getting a walking glitch for the Lamppost quest. My person is acting like they are walking on ice, when I'm trying to walk around the town square. I cleared my cookies, and did a hard refresh, but it's not helping. Does anyone else have any ideas? Edit: I've went into Chrome, and it works now. Edit 2: I didn't get to keep my pie
  10. I caght a Holly from the AP, and would like to have it offered in replacement of mine that grew up: http://dragcave.net/lineage/hVc3S Sorry for no BBCode, im on my phone at work. Whoever was supposed to get a holly from me can still PM me, I will not hide the egg. It has 5d5h left.
  11. I'd like to point out that my Holly eggs were bred and have already grew up on my scroll. I didn't want to put a trade link up like other people did, only because I would not have known who already got a Holly, and I didn't want someone to get more than they should have. One of my Hollies was passed up for an Alternate Prize, which I am currently trying to breed. I was waiting for someone to PM me about my offered Hollies, but I never received one.
  12. this ends on the 31st, I think, since it is a 12 part quest.
  13. They have claimed my Holly egg.
  14. I let the reindeer loose in town
  15. I have PM'd evangeline about my Holly breeding, I'm now waiting to hear when they want it done. Edit: There are 3 more days left till breeding ends, when will the other batch of PMs be sent out?
  16. I think this belongs in the Original Works section, since this doesn't really have anything to do with the Cave. It seems more like an art/drawing thread.
  17. This pic made me laugh so hard that I cried! I love fart jokes, and this one has earned a cake. I just finished going through your whole thread, and I will say that I love your art! You do such whimsical drawings, such fantastic hand*s* (had to cut my sentence short there), and such care-free dragons. You have earned another stalker!
  18. I just want to say, this made me laugh when I saw what it was!
  19. try a hard refresh Ctrl+F5
  20. Yes! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!
  21. I'd like to offer up some Prize Dragon offspring as an Alternate Prize- Siblings of: 3G Bronze Tinsel from 2010 Tinsel Galletian Victory 4G Bronze Tinsel from 2010 Tinsel Brazen Zalvaris CB 4G Silver Shimmer from 2013 Shimmer Katrina Argetevarinya I can also offer up a 2G from my CB Metals. Winner picks the mate.
  22. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    Cool-Code baby from (YOUEv)+(uNZlp) Drakes Could be used as the start of a naughty coded lineage? Claim my eggs/hatchlings!