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  1. I don't understand why we do not have fake eggs on our scroll already. I mean, this is what the website says when you look at your scroll from the "owner" link on one of your dragons: "You pick up your scroll, and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them." It says you see sketches of dragons, which are drawings, right? So, obviously we should be able to "not erase" the sketches of the eggs we make, right? Or am I missing something? Edit for picture insertion.
  2. Today is my Olive breeding day! I will start in a little bit! Edit: 104 Olive eggs have been sent to the AP!
  3. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    I have a Sea Wyrm Pygmy from Maggot+Dinner: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. This was my first thought as well. I think TJ is whipping up something to replace the Raffle, which will make some members happy, and other members not-so-happy.
  5. And a bonus is that sunstone's parents are cool coded: Funk + Odor
  6. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    I couldn't help myself, I got greedy and took both I will be using them in my sentences-lineages, thank you very much! ~~~~~~~~~ Also- Have: 4d 23h 2G Male Neotropical hatchling, from Naughty Coded parents! (click neo for lineage) -gone!- 5d 15h 2G Storm Egg from Cool-Coded parents: (AAPuN)+(aJ0ke) Want: Offers! You can also PM me to make a deal. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. I think I will try to participate in the contest this year. I have only been a donator so far, but I would like to collect some nice drake lineages.
  8. I found my posts. I just wanted to be sure I had the timing right for myself, of when I actually joined. I couldn't remember the exact month I joined, I thought I might have joined earlier but didn't really play at first (that I remember. I was daunted by the whole 'your egg will die in 7 days' message, and I didn't know about other forums at the time). I was so sure I was around for the Bright pinks being in the cave. I know I was around for the Frills, but I only stalked the AP at the time because I didn't know the egg descriptions.
  9. Oh, Fuzz, I never though of that! I will have to do that. Thank you very much
  10. Here is an odd question: Is there any way to tell WHEN your scroll was first created? I'm curious as to when I first created my scroll, since I can't remember WHEN I started playing DC. I know it was before my Forum Date, and it was before my 4 Oldest Dragons currently on my scroll. I know I lost some dragons to the Datamonster, but I'd like to know exactly when I started my account.
  11. I got a fig from a godly wolfie! Edit: Maybe its from Horo from Spice and Wolf?
  12. Dragons do not lose their names right now, even if they are killed.
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    Cool Codes

    Ok, I have updated my Code List, and added it to a more organized spreadsheet on Google Drive. Here is my post: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...dpost&p=6339454 It took me over 2 hours of finding my cool-codes and adding them into the spreadsheet, I didn't realize how many codes I had! Edit: I got a fig from a godly wolfie! Maybe its from Horo from Spice and Wolf?
  14. Oh, my eggies were taken!! Thank you Wiz, I was hoping someone would grab the whole song this time. Last time I think the sibling of one of those eggs died. I was very sad that happened. Edit: Your welcome Purple! It makes me happy people like my Olives
  15. I never knew this was a thing on here. I didn't think I was saying the names differently than the intended way. This is fascinating to me. I'd like to jump on the wagon and say yes to this. I know us players are from all around the world, and seeing the way people pronounce the names would be fun to me.
  16. I'd like to thank a new friend I made a few days ago for gifting me a naughty chicken egg. I love my Naughties, and will describe it according to its code.
  17. I have not heard of any of our Mods "ban" a person for having an opinion. I've heard of them doing "temp-bans" on people who need to take themselves down a notch, or to stop members from causing arguments that run in circles. Yes, Mods can influence, even if they do not mean too. But in this case, a Mod is encouraging players to play the way they want to, and that is not a bad thing. Edit: About the Ratios: The reason blockers appear, is because they need to be bred more to up the populations. Certain breeds have a critical-limit (which we, the players, do not know what that number/percent is), that affect how many appear in the cave. If a breed is underpopulated, then they show up more in the boimes, with the hope of being grown to Adult (which contributes to the number needed to stop the blocking). So, when Mass-Breeding happens, I'm trying to contribute to the Ratios, to reduce the blocking. But it only helps if the dragons grow to adult, or get frozen. Edit 2: Thank you Ruby, I didn't know there was a thread for opinions on Mass Breeding. I shall go check it out now.
  18. I am not. I really love my Olives, and I enjoy breeding my whole army, which is getting bigger! Aww, thank you Socky! Currently the eggs are at 6d 21h, as of this posting, so hopefully you will have time tomorrow to wade through the green! Thank you Vhale! I will start thinking that way as well. I'm sorry this Mass-breeding bothers you, I do not do it to annoy others. I do it because I like to see my lineages picked-up by others who look forward to using them. The only solution I can think of to fix this "problem" of play-styles, is to stop playing this game. Everyone plays differently, and you cannot please everyone. Why would you be surprised of a mod sponsoring any play-style? They are playing the game too, and they like collecting lineages, just like everyone else. Don't be upset if they find the "walls of commons" exciting. Sometimes you can find a Diamond in the Rough.
  19. glad I checked here first about that, thank you bbik for the reason.
  20. I lust mass-bred my Olives, all 200+. Enjoy the green ap in a few days.
  21. I picked the GSDs, only because they are not really wanted right now.
  22. I remember Lineage view being on off-sites, and was very happy it could be done on-site. And your welcome I would love to have some counters for breeds as well, I'm trying to grow my olive collection
  23. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    Free code-baby: Hey, 79 Apples! Enjoy Nikkalette!
  24. And another food-type suggestion. I want to suggest a creature! Mana Shrimp Type: Animal [fish] Size: Rarely up to 5 inches long Diet: Plankton, vegetative debris, rotting animal carcasses Habitat: Water [Oceans, lakes, streams, ponds and rivers] Appearance: Looks like the traditional Earth shrimp, but with elemental features described below. Description: Mana Shrimp are stalk-eyed swimming crustaceans with long narrow muscular tails, long whiskers (antennae), and slender, fragile legs. Each subspecies of Mana Shrimp adopt some features of the type of mana they absorb, with their abilities only working while underwater. They roam the beds of any water source they inhibit. There are color variations of each shrimp, within each subspecies. The following pictures are basic examples of each color: Light - This shrimp has a faint aura that it can control. It can change the color of the aura to any color it has seen, and can control the intensity of the light, up to a candle's worth of luminosity. Earth - This shrimp has telekinetic control over rocks that are no bigger than 1/2 it's body length. It can cause the rocks to adhere to its shell for camouflage. It also can change the texture and color of its shell to resemble the rocks around it. Dark - This shrimp has a faint, dark aura that it can control. It can cause the aura to darken to the point of it being a shadow. Lightning - This shrimp has a minor ability of creating an electric charge that can zap approaching predators. It is akin to a static shock, and is only able to cause a mild irritation at the point of impact. It is used as a defense mechanism. Fire - This shrimp has a minor ability that produces heat from its carapace. It can concentrate the heat enough that it can boil the water around it for no more than 2 seconds, it can initiate the ability whenever it needs it. Its mainly used to soften up tough marine plants, and can be used for defense. Air - This shrimp can gather oxygen from the water, and create bubbles from it. The bubbles are used as a mating display to impress a potential mate, and can be strung together with a sticky material similar to spider silk, which is excreted from the shrimps' mouth. The bubble nets can also be used to gather plankton floating in the area. Ice - This shrimp lives in any arctic areas, and has an ability that protects it from getting frozen, no matter the temperature in the water. It can melt any type of ice that forms around it, and it can re-freeze the ice almost instantly to help protect itself from any predators. Balance - This is a normal shrimp, with no mana-related abilities. Pictures of the Shrimps: Light: Earth: Dark: Lightning: Fire: Air: Ice: Balance:
  25. I support this as well. I think it would make better sense, concerning the color changes between the two.