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  1. It is possible some Valentine Event code was added, since we usually have an event that pops up a week before the 14th, that is conflicting with the cave "egg generating" code. All TJ may have to do is rework it, and hopefully nothing will be changed. It could be something as simple as adding in a space somewhere, or changing a symbol.
  2. Looks to me that generated eggs are not showing up at all. I tried breeding my sunsong, and it produced an egg, but you can't see it: So I'm guessing the eggs are being generated in the Biomes, but we can't click on them? Edit: The egg shows up on my scroll though: Edit 2: Just realized the wording in the biomes says there are no eggs.... my bad, I didn't read it correctly.
  3. I have a CB Storm egg up for trade: -gone!- Want: Offers, no more than one egg though, I'm egg-locked.
  4. I just grabbed a Lunar from the cave, and it is indeed silver right now.
  5. Oh my gosh! I have the top 2 CBs of that lineage, it looks really nice.
  6. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    If I'd have known about your slave, I'd have asked to buy it as a mate for my slave: http://dragcave.net/lineage/slave Then I would have been a slave breeder, lol. Edit: And a cool-code baby from FCKNO+slave: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. 3G Daydream Tinselkin from Galletian Victory: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. Ah, forgive me Nine. I thought it was up to the shoulder. You make a good point about the biped height-measurement, i didn't think about that.
  9. From the help page on the Cave: "Breeding allows you to obtain more eggs. When you breed a dragon, you will be presented with a list of eligable dragons of the opposite gender. Upon choosing a partner, you will be presented with the results of the breeding attempt. There can be several outcomes: “The dragons refuse to even go near each other.”—This pairing of dragons is incompatible and will never breed successfully. “The dragons don’t really show much interest in each other.”—The dragons are compatible, but are not a very good pairing. Note that there is a “spectrum” of compatibility; most pairings will occasionally show no interest, but it might occur more frequently for some pairs than others. “You attempt to breed the two dragons, but no egg is produced.”—The breeding was not successful. You should try again after seven days. “The two dragons breed to produce an egg.”—Success! “The two dragons breed to produce several eggs.”—Breeding may sometimes produce up to four eggs, but you are only allowed to keep one from each batch. The other eggs that you decide not to keep will be abandoned automatically." My deal is this is only after you breed them. Can/t we have something that can tell us beforehand?
  10. These heights are up to the dragon's shoulder, while standing on all fours. Just like when you measure a horse or dog, you go up to the shoulder.
  11. My website I go to for names: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/index-name.php
  12. I have a encyclopedia question: See this green box here, Is that where the Hooktalon dragon is supposed to show up? I don't have them in my encyclopedia page as a shadow either. I went to look at it, and didn't see it.
  13. Now mentoring this member. They have many good questions I think should be added to the FaQ thread.
  14. I have a Tiger pygmy: http://dragcave.net/lineage/tyGR1 And a Gimpy Yellow Crown: http://dragcave.net/lineage/1GMpS
  15. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    bumpy! Incuhatchable!
  16. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    Have: A 2G Falconiform egg code-baby from a rather mad Aegis Dragon who got jipped by a Bee! Want: offers! The egg also has a cool-code that looks like a name: eJlna (the E might be silent) If you don't have much to offer, then put a dummy egg up. I'd really like some CB Olives (egg or hatchy) though. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. http://www.gimp.org/ It's like a free version of Photoshop.
  18. Each wing color has its own file name, so I will say yes to that sorting.
  19. Oh, jesus. I didn't think it would be IN the BBW thread. I thought we had a separate thread. Thank you again Fuzz. What would I do without you?
  20. Mega-late bump? Is there any plan on continuing this comic? I must go read it again, it's been so long since I last read it.
  21. I need some help locating the Leap Day breeding thread. I tried using the search function, but I didn't find it there. Edit: Let me clarify this. When we had the Holly Contest back in 2012, some of us participated in a breeding even that happened on Feb. 29th, and we all agreed to add in the term "Leaping" or "Leap" into the dragons name, to help define why it was special to us. I'm trying to find that thread again, and I've only found a Suggestion Thread about making retired/discontinued dragons available, which is not the thread I wanted.
  22. I was hoping they were my Olives, but no. It's the 'Freaky" lineage breeder
  23. Just wanted to point out that the Horse Dragon sprites need to be updated. It is still showing the first Horse sprite. And thank you for making such a useful site
  24. Ah, that is what I was missing! Ok, this suggestion makes more sense to me now. Thank you PK13.