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  1. I accepted that one! I giggled when I read it all the way. Just imagine a chick being like that.
  2. I support the badge idea. I would love to collect some eggs, but I would not want them to be on my scroll page. This will also help with the "useless" codes thing too.
  3. And that would be me! Thank you very much for this egg. I am trying to collect as many Tinselkins as possible from each CB Tinsel to have a ending dragon that has every CB Tinsel in its lineage without inbreeding. And this cutie will help it come true
  4. I'm having a small problem. I have 39 items, but didn't get the badge yet. Do I have to do something to get the badge so I can get the chicken? EDIT: Silly me, I didn't calm the spirit. And now I have my disco hen! EDIT 2: Thank you to everyone who made this possible! I just love the item sprites, especially the owlet, and I had a fun time with this.
  5. That is the problem she is getting to. I don't think there is a way to describe something to a blind person if they have never had sight in the first place. All they see id blackness. The only thing I can think of is to relate it to taste, texture or even sound. Although taste would be quite weird. I vote for texture.
  6. xeyla


    This is a very interesting idea. It would give me something to do while I'm egg-locked, and I still want to play in the Cave. At the moment I go "window shopping" in the AP, and lurk in the forum to see whats up. I'm already wondering what the pages of the biomes would look like. Maybe we could get some user-submitted images? Of course all art will be copyright to them, just like the beautiful dragon sprites.
  7. I support this idea also. I find it annoying having to copy/paste the trade dragon code into the lineage page to see what is what.
  8. Polly wants a cracker! Squawk! Pretty bird!
  9. xeyla

    dragon Code

    Ohhh...I want to read more! I like it so far. I really like your drawing style, so please do not change it!!
  10. I used to eat the Milkbone dog bones. I enjoyed the multi-flavor ones, bacon was my favorite. I can thank my sister for that, she dared me to eat one. I remember eating a whole box of alphabet dog cookies my mom bought for our dog Sparky. They tasted like sugar cookies to me, and I got in trouble for eating the whole box.
  11. Edited the non-eligible dragons off the list. Sorry about that.
  12. I totally support this idea. I would like to try my hand at raising a sick hatchy. I've raised a baby pigeon to adulthood once, when my dad brought it home from his work. It fell out of it's nest, and the parents left it alone. So my dad put it in a small box and brought it home to me. The poor thing barely had any feathers, that's how young it was. I raised it till "he" could fly, and I let him go. I miss Phil now. But I did what was best for him. To sum this post up: +1 support from me!
  13. I would like the counter to keep track of [total reviews/reviews done today] format. This way we could have 1 day competitions to see who can review the most or approve the most? ...But then if that happened, then there might be people who approve for the sake of winning named-event....hmm, ok I don't think that'd be a good idea for a competition I support the counter starting at 0.
  14. that was me! And I really did laugh, then my husband came over and read it, then laughed also.
  15. My goodness! I agree with you. I have just about no lag now. Jesus, this makes my hunting easier. Thank you TJ, whatever you did!
  16. xeyla

    Yes, the site is down

    All Hail Lord TJ! *bows down*
  17. xeyla

    Yes, the site is down

    Thank you TJ, I thought my firefox was being a brat again.
  18. I would like to join also, seeing as I have a liking for commons. Here is my request form: I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons! Forum Username: Xeyla Scroll Name: xeyla Amount of Commons currently on my scroll: 29 eligible I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following: 25pt Silver egg Inbreeding preferences:no inbreeding please as this will be my first Silver, and I want to breed it for glomp-gifting to others. Forms of contact: PM please. I'm on every day now. (links) Dragons I want to exchange for the Silver Egg: CANOPY CanO'Pee Clawed Twister FOG Walker of the forgotten ways Dannifae Phareun GREEN/PEBBLE Ulii6 U90pi nHHs Triel Banrae ZkpN Droperva HqJB rqU59 GUARDIANS RegalShield RegalBlue NEOTROPICALS TikiKiwi BrutalKiwi TropicalKiwi KiwiStripe SPITFIRE upudZ Sand Dune Lurker Sand Dune Huntress Sand Dune Surfer WHIPTAIL BananaBunch BananaFreddy Dragons I am saving towards the 15pt Magma egg: WHIPTAIL BananaBetty YneUl JoaqR WATERHORSE Whooter
  19. I also support the tab or line idea. I want to put all my CB dragons on one page/tab/line and all my poor inbreds on another (so I never breed them).
  20. xeyla

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    TJ, I am loving the Portal Akin! It looks awesome! Thank you very much for all your hard work, you do a wonderful job!
  21. mine is 44269 i think, thats whats in my forum registration email.