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  1. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: Ticket 1 Ticket 2 Ticket 3 Ticket 4 Ticket Numbers Desired: 9, 999, 5565, 7778
  2. I have a dumb question. It may only be my memory, but didn't the Holiday Dragon breed descriptions used to say "They are responsible for the general cheer that spreads during the holidays. In essence, they are the Spirits of Holiday Cheer.”? Now it says this: I'm very certain it used to say something about them being the spirits of cheer, or something similar. Is my brain being a jerk to me?
  3. It's not possible, and here is why: The ads on the Cave are assigned a random 10-digit number every time they are shown, so even if you try to block a specific ad, you will see it again later. ABP can only block whatever links you tell it too, and those 10 digit number strings make it almost impossible. I have my ABP set to block all of the ads, and if you want my filter, send me a PM. But, it doesn't always work, because it is a string exception. Edit: That I didn't know AGYK, thank you for that info
  4. I, Xeyla, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring, and will never be given a official name since they are cool-code dragons. hEy79 will stay pacified, Fkn1B will forever hold a grudge against that one bee.
  5. I just caught a waffle: http://dragcave.net/lineage/WuHfL
  6. Ok, here is the random number: 4! Zeditha is the winner! I will send you your new eggy
  7. I will choose a chicken winner tomorrow evening, around 6pm Cave Time. The egg has a little over 3 days left before dying. Numbers picked, between 1-10: 3 2
  8. Yes, i saw that it was already on the inactive listing, so I didn't move them. I'd like to use that sprite combo again later, with a different kingdom name. Yes you may! I think it's the quickest way to expand the unbreedable kingdoms You may choose any rank for the hen, she could also be a queen, if she wanted. You could also use the male ranks, since we don't have roosters yet. I guess when/if we get them, we can switch the male ranks over to them.
  9. Good news! I have a chicken egg that I want to contribute to this project, in the form of a small raffle. Entering is free, of course! You may pick a number from 1 to 10, and the person who guesses the closest without going over, will win the egg. I will be using Random.org to do the rolling. The only stipulation is that you name the chicken as part of a Kingdom, like I did with Queen Berni'th Duskryn. You may create a new kingdom, or have them join an existing kingdom. Please post your choice, but do not post a duplicate number. Also: I'd like to register a Magnus offspring! Offspring Lineage Link: Noble Myu Agapi v Clan + Breed of Magnus: Agapi v , Olive Gen of Magnus: 8th I'd like to register a Magnus offspring! Offspring Lineage Link: Princess Sylvia Feloidea Clan + Breed of Magnus: Feloidea, Pillow Gen of Magnus: 2nd
  10. Now mentoring thenugget777. I'd like to safely say that EmeralPaw has not contacted me in about 2 months, so I'd like to say they have graduated. They are welcome to contact me for any reason.
  11. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    Have: 2G Neotropical egg from Mr Kym + Mr Sis, a gay couple Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 2G Red egg from Buy a + Slave Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want: offers! I will combine for anything that catches my eye. I will decline offers I do not like. Currently looking for CB female Magihatchlings, and CB Olives, but they are not required.
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    I could use another addiction
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    OTC Pharmacy Department Manager at Walmart. yay...
  14. Yesterday at work, there was a lady who came in to buy some hot sauce from the grocery department. She was looking for ones without onions and garlic in it. A coworker asked why, and she replied her religion (Hindu) says those food items cause you to have anger and sad feelings. So they are forbidden from consuming them. I've never known there were some religions that had those ideas. As far as I know, I love onions and garlic, and I do not get my anger or sadness from them. They are healthy for you: Onions help clear up congestion in your sinuses and chest, and garlic is great for your immune system. Edit for typos.
  15. I received a Magnus offspring! Offspring Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/xhGV9 Clan + Breed of Magnus: Centauri, Bleeding Moon Gen of Magnus: 3rd even Thank you very much, I do not have room for an egg right now, I'm waiting on a trade to go through. As for the inactive clans with offspring, we can leave them as the only ones then. I am happy with that, but the ones that do not have any offspring yet, I would like to be able to use the breeding pair again later, if someone wants to adopt that breed pairing. They can use the sprites, but will have to have different names/kingdom name. I will wait a generous amount of time for that owner to reply back to the activity check PM before asking for a vote on what to do. Does 2 or 3 weeks sound good?
  16. I seriously doubt this even works out anymore, with the AP being different now. Back in the day, wild dragons used to breed when the AP was empty, and the hatchlings would need views and clicks to grow up, to increase the gene pool. Now, the AP is never empty, so the dragons do not breed anymore. Here is the link to the young cave: http://dragcave.net/wilderness/young , but if there are no wild hatchlings, the link points you to the wilderness.
  17. Good idea! I will send out the activity PMs when I update the OP. I hope the others will come back. If the inactive clans do not come back, their offspring can stay with the kingdom, but we can re-create duplicate clans. I guess the duplicate clans would be long-lost relatives that were just discovered?
  18. That is perfectly acceptable! As long as the non-hybrid king and queen are CB, they can make their own kingdom. It keeps it easier for us to continue adding new pairs. I will try to complete that "still needed" list, um..friday or saturday, I have a D&D game tomorrow after work, so I will be busy most of the evening. I thought it would help us out. I will also add your new kingdom to the list then as well. Very nice combo, I might say I grabbed your new egg, and will register it once it hatches. Thank you. I received a Magnus offspring! Offspring Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/d2yMg Clan + Breed of Magnus: Pyro Xenowyrm, Obvian Gen of Magnus: 2nd
  19. I never understood why two-heads couldn't breed with the "regular" dragons. I don't like the fact that drakes are stuck to other drakes either. I understand that "regular" dragons are smart and drakes are not, but that shouldn't stop true love from happening.
  20. Thank you! I grabbed the eggy Also: I'm gifting a Magnus offspring! Offspring Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/wViYJ Clan + Breed of Magnus: Memoria v + Glitari, Waterhorse Gen of Magnus: 3EG Gift link: Claim my egg! Edit: I have a new Clan! Duskryn (Female Chicken) Queen Berni'th Duskryn (Female Chicken) The next time I get a chicken egg, I will donate it here, and you can continue her clan name with it.
  21. They must be sorted by age secondly then. I didn't notice the highlights were the same colors.
  22. When I temp sort my scroll by color, my gold and bronze shimmers are mixed together, along with my Ultraviolet females? Is this the same for anyone else, or is my scroll confused? I thought the UVs would be in with the blues?
  23. I'd like to register a Magnus offspring! Offspring Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rt7R6 Clan + Breed of Magnus: Glitari, Lunar Herald Gen of Magnus: 2G
  24. Aww, I hope you are feeling better now. Thank you for for the stories, they are entertaining.
  25. It makes me wonder if we have control over how fast time flows in this adventure, or if we didn't get enough sleep? Why would we go to sleep early in the day? Its amusing to me though. Thank you event organizers for putting this together, I'm enjoying meeting all these characters.