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  1. "After days of meticulously arranging shinies, meats, and other draws; after countless rejections by dissatisfied females, Hairy Toes has attracted an admirer: a pink dragon! You leave the happy couple alone to enjoy each other’s company." All it took to keep her was a river of blood flowing from a dead cow.
  2. xeyla

    DC Lore AMA

    Why is a sweetling able to mate with a stone dragon? I would figure a sweetling would be waaaay to small to reach anything of importance.
  3. My King has nabbed another Princess while she was eating some bananas, and does not know where to put her. He has also made another Mustache Snowman, both of whom have boots now, and one has an Afro and a sword. (Afro Samurai)
  4. My king has an invading troop of penguins, intent on stealing his princesses. They have already killed the rainbow chicken, speared the white chicken, and attacked the lamb. They didn't know the body of the cow was already dead, so they attacked it also. The crab is on their side, but doesn't know how to use a sword. Edit: And yes, my king has a frog for a crown. He also has a mustache snowman next to him.
  5. I just summoned my 3rd GoN!! I'm so happy!
  6. I support this as well. I do not like how the current system behaves when it comes to breeding. Since we usually get a new dragon every month, that's another dragon that will dominate the breeding cycle, and push the previous ones out.
  7. I love this idea! I have so many fun codes that can't be displayed.
  8. Thank you TJ for the Outage report, I'm sure you will time it when you can. I can't wait for the new event, last year's event was so fun.
  9. I just bred my 200 olives to the AP. Finished at 6:30pm EST, Your welcome.
  10. That is awesome, congrats on getting your egg finally!
  11. I agree with Thuban. I would like to see a line for regular eggs, since I'm not too big on hunting for past Holidays either.
  12. I'm lost. I just created my Mare, and I'm clicking on the map. What do I do now? How do I travel to different places, or can I?
  13. Craft the world. It's a neat game.
  14. I bred my 196 olives to the AP today. Only 5 breedings didn't give me an egg.
  15. I can't wait to get 2G Prizekins!
  16. Congrats to the winners!
  17. I would like the possible outcome of blue and black. Just because the parents aren't bright blue or black, doesn't mean they can't have a different colored child. I think of it as dog breeding. You can have a black and white dog pair, and have some puppies with brown spots. I can see the Electrics having the darker colored Black stripe, and the brighter colored Blue stripe. Just chock it up to genes. Sometimes they go wild! Maybe the White Stripe parent contributed some whitening genes that results of the bright blue stripe offspring?
  18. I got my first 2G Tinsel for filling an order of 12 cb waterhorse hatchlings Granted the Owner approached me and made the offer. I pounced on it!
  19. Thank you TJ for the update! I hope I win this time.
  20. I like this idea, better than the other ideas. I think it would be good to have the credit you accrue through normal activity be used up after you pick a sprite to buy. It would be awkward to just have it accumulate and never be spent.
  21. I don't care how Multiclutching works, I want it back. I enjoyed having x-amount of eggs to pick one from. I am not worried about adding more eggs to the AP, since they will sit there till low-time, and be snatched up.
  22. I'm not against people winning in both the raffles and the mini-game, I encourage it. I don't want any winners excluded from winning any Prize Dragons, multiple times. That was my point. But I do like the idea of a winning cool-down period for the mini-game. This way the member can still win the top prize, just not every month.
  23. Now that I do agree on with you. It does make sense to me.
  24. I'm sorry I did not speak my whole mind there.. I said that in response to if there were shimmers and tinsels as the possible prizes. I don't think excluding someone from winning more than one prize dragon would be fair, since winners of the yearly raffles are not excluded from winning again. I know there is a member who won the yearly raffle twice so far, and I don't think they will be excluded from winning again in this raffle. Now, if the prizes do not include Prize Dragons, then I do support the exclusion of winners, for a stated amount of time before being able to win again. @_Sin_, I don't think that goes with my concern, since I re-worded my statement more clearly.