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  1. I mass bred my 246 Olives to the AP last night. Enjoy the green in a few days! Some of my Garth Brooks lineage eggs were tossed there as well. Edit for typo.
  2. I would like to add my voice here and say "I kinda like sprite updates". I really miss the old Golds, but I really like the new ones too. I like the Sunsets and the Whiptails better then the old sprites, And I like both of the Val '09 sprites. I really miss the Frills and want them back, same with the Bright Pinks. I am kinda looking forward to the Silver update, but I do hope it is just a polishing up like the GoN. I'd love to have my old Gold sprite back, but I don't think that will happen (and I did not like the teaser of it in the OP, since we can't have them back right now).
  3. I would hoard Boxes or containers, stationary supplies, computer games, and crafting supplies! (things I already hoard, lol)
  4. Currently I am playing in D&D 3.5, my husband is the DM of his game. I'm playing a portal drake who is Chaotic Neutral, and our party has the following players: Me- Portal Drake, Ghost-faced Killer/Bard classes, Lv18 Rose: Human Were-Boar, Ninja/Druid/Master of many Forms Lv21 Jeff: Neanderthal Warforged, Effigy Master/Renegade Lv?? Aron (DM): Neanderthal, Rogue-ish classes (I don't know what classes Zuric is honestly) Lv?? We recently "finished" up my story arc, and I rescued my sister from a band of trophy hunters that raided my cave years ago (in-game). I thought my whole family was killed in that incident, but I was wrong. I do have my back-story written down for that incident, if anyone wants to read it. But, it's not completed yet so you will have the cliff hanger to deal with. Edit: I forgot to mention it was my fault that Rose became a were-boar. We had our own playing adventure before we met up with Jeff's character. Rose and I were exploring a mountainous region together, and we came upon a Giant were-boar that attacked us. We didn't know it was a Lycanthrope at the time, just a giant boar human. So we fought it, and killed it, and we made some damn good bacon out of it. We made jerky out of it as well that kept us fed for a week, I think. When the creature died, it stayed in were-boar form so we thought it was ok to eat. Then the midnight jaunts started to happen to Rose. She would be absent from our make-shift sleeping places, and come back in the mornings covered in dirt and leaves and all matter of forest debris. It took us about a week to find out what happened to her, and I will take credit for it! It's my fault she is a walking bacon-machine. I keep trying to get her to infect small villages so I can have my bacon farm. I have some of her blood in a few vials that I collected when she didn't notice (it was after a battle), and I plan on using them for my farming in the future. You can imagine how sad I was that I couldn't get infected with Lycanthropy since I ate the bacon too. I even tried to explain how I could contract the curse, but to no avail. I was too small to get it. You have to be within 2 size catagories before a lycanthrope can infect you, I am in the small size catagory, the next is Medium->Large->Huge->Gargantuan->Colossal->Titanic. The Were-Boar was Huge sized. I just missed out by about 4 feet of size. I was a sad dragon.
  5. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    I have a Mint Code baby: Parents are (mint)Dawn+(Brown Copper)Cow Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. xeyla

    World of Umbria

    Hello Umbria players! Come and participate in my caption contest and have a chance to win a plat pet! Entering is free!
  7. This is my favorite for this year, I love how Odeen has snakes
  8. xeyla

    World of Umbria

    I'd like to draw attention to my Caption Contest: It's free to enter, and you have a chance of winning a Plat pet, your choice from the list I have posted. d^_^b
  9. I have 21 so far, I missed yesterday mostly. Edit: I want to say I totally love the Divider for this year. It looks like a snowstorm, which is what I had to endure in my state. Very fitting.
  10. That made me giggle! Thank you! My action log is filled with breedings of my Olive army: http://s6.postimg.org/d16llzfrl/screenshot_530.png
  11. I must second this. Thank you LadyLyzar, Process, JOTB, and Odeen. I love all the new sprites, I can't pick a favorite right now.
  12. Forest Edit, I thought you meant swimming. sorry.
  13. LadyLyzar, I love your style of spriting! I can't wait to see the adults, all this cuteness is going to make me explode.
  14. I promised to mass breed my olives in an attempt to change their ratios, so I can have a chance at a 2G Tinsel from Olive mate. I love olives, so I like collecting them.
  15. With the new Fertility page display: Would it be possible to have the Name and code show on the scroll page, the same way? There seems to be enough room under the name space for the codes to show up as well.
  16. I just bred my 200+ olives to the AP. Enjoy the greenbacks.
  17. Mine stopped scrolling, but then I did a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5), and it fixed the background so it moves again.
  18. Last night before I went to bed, my background would move when I was scrolling through my dragons. Now, my background doesn't move when I scroll through my dragons. How can I have it back to moving? Edit: A hard refresh fixed it. I love the new design! Thank you Nakase
  19. xeyla

    Cool Codes

    http://dragcave.net/lineage/nRUmP Male Guardian We could have a Bear Butt?
  20. I'd like to thank whoever caught and named this baby: I'm so happy you caught on to the code of the mother.
  21. Oh nelly, I'm so sorry I have not been around for this recently! I have not been that active since my husband and I have discovered Trove from Trion Games. I have even had a few hatchlings die on me for the first time in years. O.o I will be starting to breed once again after my current batch of eggs hatch. I had so much fun decorating my cave. As to the name for the Whiptail: So, this means he can be named "Prince Zsogo Agapi", but he cannot have the name of Magnus. Magnus is the Lineage name, and Agapi is the clan name. Hope that helps