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  1. Day two of my drive:

    Headed out at 11:40am.

    Got stuck in a traffic jam, cause of jam: 2 semi trucks collided and completely closed I80 West bound, between exits 73 and 78. I am between those exits, and have been stationary for 4 hours. So glad i used the restroom at the lsst rest stop. Possibly another 2 hours or more before we start moving. I'm beginning to think that I should not have moved.

  2. I looked through 14 pages trying to find a thread like this, but couldn't find one. I think i saw it on Magistream. If this is a duplicate, please merge it.



    I am currently driving from Connecticut to Idaho. I just got into Pennsylvania this morning around 10:30am. I'm driving west on I84, and suddenly, BAM! A turkey decided to fly into my Uhaul windshield. My husband was looking down at his foot area trying to dig something of a bag, and iglass pieces fell onto him. He immediately looked up at the windshield and said WTF was that? I was scared out of my mind. I saw the turkey about 10 feet in front of me, sitting in the ditch, and deciding to kill me. I'm going 50mph, and 10 feet is not enough time to avoid it. Now there is a turkey-shaped shatter pattern in the windshield. I'm hoping it died so it's not suffering. The good news is Uhaul set us up with a hotel room. But, the windshield won't be replaced until after 8am tomorrow.


    That was my day. How was yours?

  3. user posted image


    Doesn't get much lower than this. Pretty sure that's my personal record for lowest, actually.

    Congrats! I've tried that a few times, and they all died or hatched normal.


    And now my own cool-code lineage baby:

    user posted image


    Fatal Loop, and the hatchling is looped.

  4. Good grief I'm gonna have to dive into Greasemonkey for about a week to fix all this.

    I just got the new layout today

    If you feel like sharing your work concerning greasemonkey, please let me know. Thank you for the other script link-fix you shared before. I have no idea how to make scripts for anything.

  5. I'd like to say, since July 2009, I have only caught 2 CB Silvers. I gifted my second CB Silver to someone who is not around anymore, and that makes me very sad. I traded for my 2 CB Golds, and my other 2 CB Silvers (thank you very much wub.gif, you know who you are!)


    So, it's not only new players who have bad luck catching CB Metals, it's old players as well.

  6. I want this so much! I stopped actually organizing my scroll, because I have too many dragons to sort through, and even though we have the group move for custom sort, it still takes too long. I'd really like to have tabs to organize my projects please.

  7. Is anyone else bothered by the Celestials showing up on the breeding page, or is it just me? It doesn't seem like they should be there. I'm talking about the "available for breeding" sort. It shows *all* my Celestials, even the ones that are on cooldown, and thus unable to be bred.

    Technically, when they show up on the breeding list, the *breeding* cooldown is not active, but the BSA cooldown is. The breeding cooldown is still one week, its just their BSA cooldown is not up yet.

  8. I would like the link back to the AP - and I would ALSO (wishes are horses...) like a link to the AP on the biome pages along with all the biomes, and links to the biomes on the AP page.

    This would be a nice addition/change to the list of current links too. Good idea Fuzz smile.gif


    I could probably throw something together in Greasemonkey. I'd need to look next time I have a slot to pick things up and abandon them with. I highly doubt TJ is going to give us this level of customization, though.

    I was worth a shot. I figured the worst thing to happen is be ignored. This would be a welcome change though.

  9. In the past, applications were treated a little differently than regular PMs, so tracking was not that a reliable method of making sure they got sent.


    If you have a copy in your sent box, that's a good way to check if it was sent or not. If you're now not sure it got sent in, I think it would be okay to re-send it.

    I was just about to ask about my PMs being deleted from my tracking. Thank you Socky :3