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  1. Having this issue as well. I also have elements that were there when I originally made the house in 2012, that I had not touched this time around, moving themselves in front of elements they were originally behind.
  2. GAH, the red and green ones totally look like Daenerys Targaryen's babies! Also, yay for another two-head!
  3. Yay, my favorite DC event! It's kinda cool to scroll down my basket and watch the eggs get more and more elaborate. And referential. I'm especially hoping to see one or two Star Wars: The Force Awakens eggs (I mean, BB-8? He's made to be egg-ified!), and really hoping that Starscream has completed the classic Transformers Seeker trine by making us a Thundercracker egg. Big thanks to all the spriters, I can't wait to see them all!
  4. This is pretty cool, sort of a, uh... reverse-mirror-thingy. And there are some pretty good names in there, too. Shrimpy horror!
  5. Loffly banners! Could we possibly get one for Spitfires and/or Horses? Thanks!
  6. Duuuuude. Who made the US Air Force egg? That's awesome!
  7. Yaaaay! I can't wait to see what our brilliant spriters have come up with this year!
  8. Not on board with this idea. :/ 1 pm EST = 11 am for. I'm at work. With no internet access. No new eggs for me, I guess, unless the drop lasts a whole lot longer than it normally does. Not holding my breath for that, TBH.
  9. I built the maternal half of that one, glad you like it! (Also, excellent name!)
  10. That first Neb is one of mine. Glad you like it!
  11. I bred this fine fellow at Christmas, and my other Winter Magi finally cooperated to breed a mate! I'll be dropping some prettiness in the AP come December!
  12. I'm assuming that's a good "wow." ;D Glad you like it! Hee, worship is not necessary, I'm glad it found a good home!
  13. Beautiful eggs! Ugly lag. :/ Super-ugly 3-minute drop. Like last month. > Please tell us this isn't going to be a thing with all future releases.
  14. I know Tins aren't as coveted as they used to be, but that's still a nice shiny egg-lock.
  15. Oh wow. Thanks Dimar! *thinks real hard* Please let it color right, please let it color right...
  16. I accepted him and her in a trade a few months ago because they'd make a pretty lineage - eventually. I certainly didn't expect them to produce so soon!
  17. I caught my first eggs in August of 2008, and have been playing ever since - so, five years solid - and can say without reservation that this has been the most - er - frustrating new release I've seen. XP *still needs green Opals* *stalks Forest* *giggles crazily*
  18. I caught this on the AP almost a year ago and have been trying to breed a mate ever since - and just now I finally got an Ice egg out of this pair! =y]They're gonna have such pretty bebbies.
  19. YAY for new two-headeds! BOO for two-minute drop. ;P
  20. Hee, I'm always so ridiculously psyched to see one of my babies here. Glad you like it!
  21. I don't usually collect Tinselkin, but this one's purty. Thanks to the breeder!
  22. Blegh, this is hideous. It ruins (longer) stairs and spirals, and I don't care for it on even-gens either. Making dragons' images smaller kind of defeats the purpose of some lineages, like ones that are done for color combos or because the sprites look good together. Prefer the original lineage view.
  23. Personally, I'd love it if "special" characters were allowed - as a Tolkien fan, I have a whole lot of Elvish and Dwarvish on my scroll, and both of those languages use acute accents, umlauts, and circumflexes. Also, my dragons are all surnamed Aulë, and it really bugs me that I couldn't get the umlaut on the name. My 2 cents.
  24. Rusty Chevrolet --> Chuint - 2nd gen Hellhorse (pending pickup) *cacklecacklecackle* Accepted! *cackles ever louder*