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    Denver, CO, USA
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    Interests: Dragons! Transformers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Tolkien, Harry Potter, Firefly, Buckaroo Banzai, Game of Thrones, action figures, reading, movies, making jewelry, art, cars

    My time zone: U.S. Mountain (Cave time -2:00, GMT -7:00)

    The wish list!
    Any NDs at all, CB or not. XD
    Holly (Yeeeah, me and everyone else in this army. XD)

    Tinsels: Any colors, nice lineages (spirals are my favorite! Stair-steps are second-favorite) from lines I don't have.

    Still need Tinsels from 2011 Holiday raffle (awarded in 2012) EXCEPT:

    Joyous Gift
    Crouching Tiger


    Need Shimmerscales from 2012 holiday raffle (awarded in 2013) EXCEPT:

    Crazy little Diamond
    Magic Mustika
    Roran Domiadraumr
    Han-Gukin's Babsang
    Aquila's Unbelievable Filly
    Royal Huntress
    Lucky First Raffle
    Merry Times of Plenty
    Felix Felicis Leviosa

    Echoes in the Deep
    Shao Shi
    Silas Vincent

    Shimmer Luck
    Angelight Goldenpearl
    Lung Ying Jassith
    Ashura's Izaya

    *Unusual breed combinations* and *low-gen (4th or lower) eggs/hatchlings* descended from any Tinsels/Shimmers are always welcome. ;)

    (?) = got the egg, w00t! Now waiting on it to hatch and/or gender.

    NOTE: On the odd occasion that there are a few dead eggshells on my scroll, it's due to a failed vamp bite. I NEVER bite gifted or traded eggs.