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  1. Finally spotted the CB copper I need, only to have it be taken by someone else. And it was honestly the first and only time I've ever seen one of them in the cave.
  2. These eggs are beautiful! Can't wait to see what they look like as adults. Merry Christmas!!
  3. Just judging by the general themes of the dragons we've already gotten in the past, I'm trying to come up with a wintry subject that hasn't been touched quite yet. Silver bells? I like the idea of a shiny, jingly dragon. Maybe something ice-oriented? Or maybe it's a wildcard. What if we get a Krampus dragon? When will we get our Dreidel dragon?!
  4. All of my Alts are like, super old (my adults being 7 years, the hatchling over 5), but each of them have completely different sorts of lineages. My adults are actually from the same father but different mothers; one's 2nd Gen, the other is 4th Gen with a semi-messy lineage, and well, check out that hatchling. But these were all back when Alts had a different egg sprite, so I had it easy. I still genuinely believe it's a random occurrence & has nothing to do with pairings/lineages, though. I'm really curious about the ratio of normal blacks to alts...might try breeding a bunch of
  5. I'm in love with the M Silver x Moonstone pairing, so I'll probably be working on that as well (once I get myself a CB Moonstone that genders correctly ). Also thinking about mingling a Lumina into this lineage somehow.
  6. An english muffin, blueberry yogurt, and a cup of tea.
  7. I've got two, a bird on my right upper forearm and a cage on the left. They reflect the bird & cage symbols from Bioshock Infinite. Little homage to one of the things that helped keep me going during a tough time in my life. I've had them for almost a year and a half.
  8. 'Seniors' makes it sound like I'm supposed to shake my cane and urge everyone to get off my lawn. Username: skibbereenfarms Number: 4424 Join Date: 3-May 08
  9. Looking good spriters! I love my new muscly two-headed dragons
  10. I have 4 old Pinks and 3 Frills. I have a frozen ungendered Paper hatchling with wings. Most of my dragons have 4-digit codes. I have a Leetle tree from their original release. Basically an old fart who's been away from this site for too long 8)
  11. I was walking to school one day and while crossing the crosswalk a teacher hit me with her car. Nothing broke, but it hurt like hell. I also broke my pinky finger on my left hand while playing wallyball in gym. I went to go hit the ball and a kid on the other side of the net kicked it. His knee collided with my finger.
  12. I can touch my tongue to my nose & voluntarily move the pinky toe on my left foot.
  13. WOO THERE ARE WHOVIANS ON DC. LET ME LOVE YOU ALL 8D I'm so excited for the Christmas special today. I don't know about you guys, but Doctor Who has basically become my Christmas. I've been watching all of the specials with my family. On a random note, has anyone even seen some of the older episodes? :'D I've been dying to watch some but I can't seem to find any online...perhaps I'm terrible at searching. d:
  14. Dang, it was easy to get these. .___. But I'm pretty happy. Merry Christmas, everyone~
  15. Honestly, I doubt I'm going to get a Holly this year. I'm just too lazy to constantly stalk the AP. Meh, maybe I'll find someone who'd like to breed me one next year. I've been waiting pretty much 2 years to find a Holly, and I'm sure I can wait a little longer.
  16. Heck yes. Looking forward to the Vampire lineages. I'd like to see where some of those minions have escaped to. >
  17. It's official. Vuvuzelas are amazing.
  18. The only unappreciated bands I can think of are The Black Keys and Ludo. :/
  19. Here you go, my DC buddies! http://bartbonte.com/vuvuzela/
  20. Come on, anything obnoxious and annoying, and I'm all over it.
  21. I'm a Soprano, but I can sing some Tenor notes in falsetto.
  22. ...... *runs in circles, arms flailing* Reminds me of this. Some "bad words" in it, so be careful before you click.
  23. Of course, I can't get the preety egg I want. But at least I got one. *goes back to egg-nabbing*
  24. I have 4 Adults. There's Apolla, Azuraa, Kahili and Pink Suede Shoes. x3 I kind of like them better than the new ones in a way, since I think they're much cuter. New pinks are still pretty cool, though. BSA, FTW.
  25. I'm going to grab up other eggs if the cave doesn't unlock soon. >: