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  1. Adults look great! I love the female.
  2. Oh wow! The adult male is pretty awesome 8D I can't wait for mine to become adults!
  3. OH MY GOODNESS! What a beautiful dragon! I can't wait until my hatchlings mature. :3
  4. Interesting hatchlings! I can't wait to see the adults.
  5. Just got my two. :3 The eggs are so beautiful!
  6. I'm still irritated that I bred my Rosebuds during that glitch. :T Oh well. I'm excited for next year to bred my favorite mating pairs. Although, tt's good to see that my other Valentine eggs got homes! Anyways, I'm excited about the new holiday dragon. I can't wait! I wonder what the event is~
  7. I just bred my Rosebuds too. :T Dang. At least all my others produced holiday eggs!
  8. Finally! I caught a shimmer! lkdsjfl;dfa Five Moonlight eggs and one shimmer. I'm happy now.
  9. I picked up yet another Moonlight for a total of four and still no shimmer.
  10. I only caught three moonlight eggs earlier this morning. But, I need shimmering! Three of them would be nice. So the hunt continues!
  11. Caught one Moonlight egg! I just need to get a few more and that gold one as well. :T
  12. D: I can't believe I missed out on the first release. Now I must go hunting. Yay~
  13. I have a feeling that I'm going to LOVE this years Halloween dragon just like the past ones. Hatchlings are awesome!
  14. I got my six and successfully created two zombies after three years of trying on Halloween. I'm excited to see what these holidays are going to look like. The eggs are gorgeous!
  15. Ugh, lag. Oh well, I guess. I happen to snag a Bronze Tinsel though. Anywho, I'm pumped for the new holiday release! And, I bred one of my Marrows with a Sweetling which produced three eggs and kept one. Awesome~
  16. Sweet! My eggs just hatched. :3 I can't wait to see the adults!
  17. Wow! The adults are wicked!
  18. I'm having no luck in catching any eggs. :/ So frustrating! Hatchlings look so cool!
  19. Can't grab eggs! :/ Ugh! Oh well, searching for treats instead.
  20. Yay! Mine just started to crack. I can't wait to see the adults.
  21. SlowHornpipe172 - Oh man! Oh well. I'm going to enjoy using it anyways.
  22. You can use it one time out of forty huh? *Alois Trancy used splash!* Did, nothing of course. Hm...I'll wait forty days and use it. Maybe it have to be at max in order to see what it really does. Anyways, I wanna play pokemon now.