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  1. Interesting! I do love the colour of this dragon but I do love the female sprite more than the male. But that's got going to stop me from collecting them. C:
  2. Finally I caught one! 8D Now it's time to wait for day three hatchlings to mature into adults.
  3. This lag is intense! But I will snag one of these lovely eggs!
  4. The hatchlings are adorable. ;w; Can't wait to see the adults!
  5. Wow these are lovely! I'll definitely have to catch more of these. 8D
  6. I just caught two surprisingly easily. Two of the same colour though. But that's alright~.
  7. Oh lovely adults! I do love the male.
  8. What a pretty egg! I bred three and abandoned two though~. After all the new eggs are released, I need to catch my CB Hellfires and horses. djfl; I have a feeling I'll like this breed very much.
  9. What an interesting looking hatchling! I like the colour and I am really interested on what the adult looks like.
  10. The egg is so pretty! And I caught my one~. Can't wait to see the hatchlings!
  11. Two-headed?! I'm so pumped to see the adults now. The hatchling are so neat. ;w;
  12. Third drop in and caught my one egg!
  13. I finally got one when only two were dropping at a time dj;lasdf. Now I'm good until tomorrow. 8D
  14. Picked up this egg. It reminds me of one of my own I bred recently.
  15. That one is one of mine! Glad you picked it up. C:
  16. I just picked up this Soulpeace. This little egg has all the Sweetling sprites and the lineage is rather cool.
  17. Oh goodness! The first link is one of mine! 8D
  18. I just caught this striped egg. But I think I have a mate for it that would be perfect for this. I just have to look through my scroll.
  19. I caught my six! Now I just have to wait a week to try to breed for the other eggs. Blah! But I am happy with what I got! I can't wait to see the hatchlings!
  20. Managed to catch six! What an interesting hatchling. I'm excited to see the adults.
  21. I got my pair! I can't wait to see the hatchings. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
  22. These dragons are lovely! I can't wait to snag one. If it'll be possible that is
  23. I caught my pair. :3 They look so pretty! I can't wait to see the hatchlings and adults.