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  1. The eggs are so pretty!
  2. Oh wow! I really like this. uvu
  3. Interesting! I'm happy to see an Eastern dragon though but, look at all those typos. I wonder what I'll breed mine with.
  4. My Grave male attracted a Desipis female.
  5. Yet again, I'm not a winner. Maybe someday. Congrats to everyone else though. uvu
  6. One of these days I shall win. /crosses fingers in hopes that I have.- I also don't understand about why people are complaining about the increase of winners. You do realize that people sign up for this site probably everyday right? It's natural for it to increase? But then again I'm sure you all would complain if the increase didn't happen. Anyways, congratulations to those who have won! I can't wait to hunt for the trophies eggs.
  7. I don't like the change for the Solstice Dragons. The CB ones don't feel unique anymore when their offspring match their colouring. I rather liked the original idea. I wish I had more alts now.
  8. The wings are very pretty! I'm definitely breeding them with Yulebucks next year.
  9. The hatchlings look pretty! I'm rather excited to see the adults.
  10. I bred one of my Solstices named Nishiki with a Thunder named Soramaru Kumo for those of the Donten ni Warau fandom. They look rather nice I think.
  11. The hatchlings look awesome! I'm so excited to see the adults.
  12. I caught my seven! I love TJ's egg codes. Happy Halloween!
  13. Wow I love these! The sprites are awesome. ;w; I can't pick a favorite.
  14. What pretty eggs! I'm sort of bummed mine didn't produce any eggs though. Oh well. I'll try again next week.
  15. Wow this eggs are lovely! uvu Can't wait to see the hatchlings.
  16. I love the Howler Drakes!
  17. Easily grabbed all my eggs. I love all the blues in the coastal egg! Good luck to everyone else. ;w;
  18. The Brutes are awesome! I'm glad I caught six of each of these babies.
  19. omg these hatchlings look so neat! I can't wait for the adults! Glad I locked my scroll of these babies.
  20. What a lovely little hatching. ;w; I think these are going to be really pretty. Can't wait for the next stage and adults!
  21. These eggs are so pretty! Just caught my two. ;w;
  22. I'm so excited! I've always wanted more Rosebuds and Heartseekers. They're one of my favorites.