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  1. The adults are absolutely beautiful!
  2. These hatchlings are beautiful! I can't wait to see the adults.
  3. The Skysilks are so pretty! Maybe a new favorite dragon of mine. >.>
  4. I'm in love with these adults!
  5. Snagging these are so hard! 😮I love the design of these eggs though! Very nice! Happy Halloween! 😈
  6. Wow! The adults are so beautiful!
  7. Wicked! I love these adults!
  8. The old sprite is nice, but wow yikes. >.>
  9. I'm not sure if I like these adults. I kinda wished to see what the originals looked like tbh, but I'm sure they'll grow on me though! I love the colour scheme and the wings are very pretty!
  10. I kind of enjoyed the old sprites. Either way, I'm excited for the adults. c:
  11. I have a feeling these dragons are gonna be so cute and a new favorite!
  12. I've got my two! Can't wait to see the little hatchlings. :3
  13. Handsome dragons! Glad I was able to catch my pair.
  14. They have two pairs of eyes. OvO
  15. It took me almost a whole hour to catch these spooky eggs. Catch my seven! Can't wait to see them hatch.
  16. All I need is to collect the silver ones.
  17. OH GOSH! They're so pretty! I almost forgot about my eggs too. ;A;
  18. The eggs are so pretty!