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  1. mine is green with an egg on the ground
  2. 30.. only 8 more to go.... are we really really not getting anything from these? I'll be so depressed i was hoping to get an Easter dragon or something cool for collecting them all..... i mean the sprites are beautiful and the even was a great way to keep me up aaaal night long but i was kind of hoping to get something for my effort edit:and im really otherwise happy with the nice mostly drama free event where i don't have to compete against other people for the eggs and its a nice escape from the frill drama drama(drama over frill drama) and other things like that
  3. finally 23 was a swan now I'm going to go to bed for an hour night happy Easter everyone
  4. yea it is for most people i think mines 12 mins on the dot give or take a couple seconds but my first few weren't
  5. maybe its your browser? are you the person i saw who said they were searching for 45 minutes on they're ipod? i blame the ipod
  6. that would be no fun i want something from these eggys
  7. lol i was looking around and saw something weird reflex clicked it and was weirded out and what do i know a new news topic this is awesome Ive gotten two now
  8. i did the exact same thing with a cheese last night lol
  9. i know its so frustrating.... i tried it already....
  10. it does exist its on someones scroll edit: there's something wrong as someone already said if you log out you can see the real ap.... lots of low time things i would like a chance to grab
  11. aaargh.. i was locked with my first gold first silver first magma and male influenced purple.... gave up and froze the purple lol it can wait but im not happy about it. caught 3 of the eggs
  12. i'll join i dont usually breed them anyways