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  1. Sup peeps here's my list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Ya-OaVYlEpDivkrpGacbMnb5uUli-h5EBGJmq53Ctg/edit I can also help with pokedex filling once I beat my game so feel free to Pm me about it
  2. Mods that were participating became mods after sorting was done because we needed more people and they were ready to help us out. This still doesn't make it right, even if you only ask for easy/common things. It's pretty much like allowing sports players to bet on themselves or allowing organizers of any competition to participate in it. Even if you have no intentions of rigging thins it's still a wrong thing to do and looks bad to others. Secret santa isn't only about organizing - it's about community and it is your job to make it happen run as smoothly as possible. This is someones opportunity to get a breed lineage or a well deserved cb metal they can't afford otherwise. By that logic randomized sorting won't work because there is a chance that people who will be gifting won't be able to fulfill the wishlist of the giftee no matter how hard they try. This can cause some people dropping out and more work for helpers/catchers. Your job is to sort people so everyone can maximaze their catching/breeding abilities which will make more people happy than just randomizing lists where people will be able to fulfill only low tier wishes
  3. Then how are the Mods allowed to participate fully in it? Mods should never be allowed to participate as normal participants. They should be only be allowed to join a replacement santas and as gifteers to ensure that everyone gets their gifts. Allowing mods to get in makes this unprofessional when pairing up people because you have higher chance to get what you want which isn't fair to other participants.
  4. Plok

    Secret Santa

    only one entry per raffle I don't think there is need for changing the current raffle format
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    used to train handball but had to quit because of an injury, at the moment just doing some easy downhill biking
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    Mafija Lotto

    So basically this is a topic to announce things I have decided to do. I'm a cave hunter and I want to gift rares to other people. By that I want to give an equal chance to everyone to win something. Rules to join: 1. You need to have at least bronze trophy - no multis 2. You have to unhide your scroll when I PM you. Applying multiple times per 1 lotto can get you banned. You are allowed to apply for every single egg on the list. To join apply on this form Other informations I will mostly lotto metals, coppers and xenos, sometimes some uncommon stuff. I will at least try to held like 2 lottos per month. List will be open at random time when I catch stuff and closed at random time. Drawing will be held when I decide, again at random time. Winners won't be announced (its their choice if they want to announce if they won), they will just get PM with teleport link. For uncommon part please post your ideas for me what to hunt for. I will only announce when drawing was done in here. Spread the love~Caring is sharing~If you have the power to make someone happy, do it, the world needs more of that. Have fun and good luck Plok
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    2014-03-02 - March Release

    I'm so happy that eggs from alpine got released
  8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/S9YF9 Claim my eggs/hatchlings! http://dragcave.net/lineage/HJfh7 Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. happy 6th bday /me is late
  10. Live everyday like it was your last and eventually you'll be right
  11. Happy vday every1! And tnx for the cards Plok o/
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    2011-01-18 - Blackout

    support Hail DC Fail SOPA and PIPA!
  13. still can't go to basement and I was in bathroom :/
  14. I have http://www.iaza.com/work/111028C/iaza17966258620700.png and I can't find other stuff if some1 wants to help plz pm me
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    V3PBWGE8X1 3GELOIV00Z 1U3QEGA2DI 8C5W6PHGBS L47T0FKV8M here ya go btw I will give my acc so if any1 wants it PM me
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    I have just started to play and I only have 1 gryff. I don't have invite codes :/
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    can some1 post invite codes?
  18. Oh well let me know when classes will start again
  19. Username: Plok Program: Paint Timezone: GMT +1 Any Experience: well I make pokemon sprites