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  1. Whooo, I'm glad, I won't have internet tomorrow, my Uncle is shutting if off early :/ I am also moving in a week. Excited to see the new features though.
  2. They be talking about AP eggs, not freshly bred eggs.
  3. Exactly how I feel here as well. Honestly it is fair and equitable. Everyone has the same chance of obtaining what they need, and its just pure bad luck if you haven't succeeded yet. That isn't anyone's fault, and it certainly isn't TJ's. No need to play "pity me" just because you can't participate right away. At least now you are forewarned and know to not freeze your GoN's. I do feel for those who froze theirs, thinking them to be endlessly useless. I believe that is part of the reason the GoN limit was upped, to allow others who made the choice earlier to increase their breeding pool and even upped the success rate. This I think is generous. He could have not upped the GoN limit and just not cared if people only had one, or even no GoN adults. I also think that these Avatars are meant to be a rare work-hard-to-get dragon, not something you can just nab from the cave, and I like that. No shame in working hard for that amazing sprite, it makes it more worth the time. Also, in case you haven't noticed, you don't need a speedy computer or cat reflexes to nab these dragons from the cave, just a set of Trios and some PATIENCE, which a lot of people seem to lack lately. We were completely uninformed, and this is not the first time that a change has been made that nobody expected. That is part of playing a game, experiencing the unexpected, it keeps the game interesting and fresh, and yes, things will not always turn out perfectly for you, but that doesn't mean that this game sucks. In fact, be GLAD you get so much and you don't have to pay for it... yeah. Also, just keep an eye out for those kind souls who like to gift eggs, you might find something there. People are always generous on DC. I have a feeling that DC is gonna see some changes that are gonna add some dynamics to the game play, cater to the collecting aspect of the game as well as put some fresh ideas and take into the game to bring in more users and keep the old ones here. I think The Avatars and the elemental affinity is the start of it. Lets wait and see what TJ has in store for us.
  4. I can however breed my Trios for those that need them. Into the AP they will go.
  5. Personally I would like to thank TJ and the sprite Artists for this lovely event. Personally I expected a something like last years, the 7 eggs in 7 days thing was INSANE. Plenty of whining there too, but eh. Not everyone is gonna sing praises at every change. I just don't fret over what I have no control over. So that's that. I bred my GoN's and attempted to summon a third, I got no new eggs for me tonight, but I am gonna enjoy seeing all the combos and what they create, as well as watching TJ's grow and figuring out which one I like the best and need to hoard. Happy Birthday DC, 8 years is impressive, especially for a game that is not pay-to-get like many other pet-sites are.
  6. Anyone can enjoy it. You just need patience. Its not like its a limited time breeding thing. You can still summon GoN's and still breed them for the Avatars. Just cause you can't participate NOW doesn't mean you're missing out. Now you have a goal to work for eh? If all games were easy we would all be bored all the time.
  7. Wheeee, now Guardians are more than pretty sprites Also, bawwwers. It is perfectly within your abilities to obtain these dragons. Just need some patience. My GoN's didn't want to give eggs, and my summon failed. ALSO: to those who can't "find" the summon, check your Thunders, it might be a bug, but it seems to only be availiable on Thunders.
  8. I had only 6/7 eggslots today, CB dark mysts are as valuble as a CB gold to me, so I ain't gonna drop it. I was here at the top of the release and had 3 of each egg in under 10 minutes. Don't worry if you can't get them right away, they will be fairly common over the next few weeks. Just look at the new Drakes, I still seem them in the cave several times a day, you only need a little patience to get the new eggs. Note about eggs: I loved the sprites, so much I couldn't decide which one I liked the most, the hatchies are looking promising, I look forward to seeing the adult sprites.
  9. Guys, you realize these eggs are gonna be in the cave forever right? Unlike a Holiday dragon they are not a limited edition. If you can't catch em today, you can catch them later. No use crying over the release. Also because they are not a limited edition dragon they immediately start to circulate themselves into the population ratios according to their set rarity. On top of that, there are no limits to how many people can have, save their eggslot limits. Holiday releases tend to go better because you can't pick up more than two, save Halloweens. These eggs will drop very often in their respective biomes over the next few weeks. You just need a LITTLE patience to look for them. No need to get upset because the drops are short, look at the facts and understand why. If this game was easy-peasy it would be boring.
  10. Whooo, already have 7 eggs
  11. I like the green ones better atm... but I've always been partial to Wyverns.
  12. I did not win myself. However the chances were extremely low. I was so not concerned about winning the raffle. I forgot we were even waiting for the raffle draw. Honestly after the first couple of years, unless we are getting a new breed eh.... even then. Eventually it will be obtainable easily as they will be over-bred and widely distributed. No point in wasting my energy lamenting on not getting the new breed/lines. With some patience I'll eventually get it. I enjoyed pinning people with snowballs honestly. That was more fun than a CB dragon could ever give me. Congrats to the winners, and remember people, its just a game.
  13. Actually you will only be able to have one type of Snow Angel ever, the wing pattern is determined by your scroll(randomized), not by the egg itself or its parents. I love the snow fort idea. I made the mistake of building first, using all my snow. I'm on the offensive for awhile. I'll probably do some repairs tomorrow, when no one is online.
  14. I hope everyone's catching plans are going as planned Mine certainly is. I'm doing 4/3/4/3/4/3/4. Except for the redglitters taking me 2.5 hours to catch, which is gonna keep me slightly behind on the days of set of 3, but I'm relatively on schedule. Yay for planning ahead! Memorial Day weekend this weekend. So I don't have to worry about losing sleep over hunting <3
  15. Tonight /might/ be easy at first for those who are not yet locked. Some of us(like me) won't be able to hunt until our day 1 eggs hatch, and that may not be right at midnight
  16. From what I notice, Javascript disabled only affects your filter. The filter won't work if Javascript is disabled. Other than that I haven't seen it affect my game play. I also disable it when I hunt.
  17. There is still time, the new drop for tonight isn't happening for 10.5 hours, and they are permanent. Don't fret.
  18. After persistant clicking. I got 2 in the first hour. They remind me of a bird called a tern. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...rn_Tasmania.jpg However, I will be attempting for another pair next hour before I sleep. Thanks for the release TJ!
  19. Dark Myst Pygmies ftW!!!!! Happy Birthday DC, the one thing I look forward to today
  20. When I saw this post, I LAUGHED. I thought it was such a cool way to get the word out, and to be honest, I was expecting something like this because I know DC's b-day is in May and it wouldn't make sense to have 2 releases in one month. So I kinda assumed the B-day would have priority. My game plan is to have all my incubates ready(50+) and only grab 3 or 4 new eggs per night, and then incubate, this leaves me open for the next night. and by the 3rd night the day 1 eggs will be hatched/hatching and I can grab day 3 eggs, and by day 4, day 2 eggs will be hatched and leave me open for day 4, and so on. This is how I plan to get a few eggs of each dragon, not just one. and for those who think you can only grab 1 of each, remember, eggs take at the most 3 days to hatch, 2 if you have an incubate. So keep that in mind.
  21. WHOA, thats gonna be madness. what a way to hold the suspense!
  22. Welcome to Dragon Cave Hybrid Madness, you will now proceed to watch Daydreams and Whites become super high in demand and you won't be able to catch at all. Good luck and I enjoyed hunting for the new breed. I'm just glad its not a moonstone. I don't have any of those.
  23. I missed the mass release last night since I was watching Dark Knight Rises with my fiance. However I managed to snag 4 in just the last 30 minutes. Now I am locked and happy about it. Thanks for the release TJ, also, I think they might be some kind of gem colored dragon, like a rose crystal or something.
  24. Thanks TJ, looking forward to breeding!
  25. Most of the IRC has seen him, but I got a kitten about 3 months ago. his name is Kazmir and he's awesome! He's 5.5 months and he's half maine coon, so he's gonna be a big boy. Color is Classic Tabby. I love him to death!