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  1. Yay! I got my two! Normally it takes forever, but I was able to get them in two minutes! Now, I'm just waiting for the tree to work.
  2. My first language was French. I learned English when I was four. However, once I entered school, I began to lose my French, so it's not even close to being as good as it originally was. I'm also majoring in Russian at my university. And in the future, I plan to learn Norwegian, Dutch and Icelandic. But, let's face it. I want to learn them ALL!!!!!
  3. Intolerance: Lactose Allergy: Penicillin/Sulfa. (The first time I had it, I broke out in a really bad rash, but I was told if I were to have it a second time, it could stop my heart.) I'm also allergic to pollen and my cats during shedding season.
  4. All I need is the sun one. *crosses finger* I hope I get one during the next drop.
  5. I had blue (water), guardian, magi and balloon. I thought they were never going to hatch!