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  1. sweet, got my two. good luck to everyone.
  2. Ok, so they are a female only breed, could not influence them to be male.
  3. Caught my two, good luck to everyone and merry christmas!
  4. aw, i had 5 dragons set to revive. Only one hatchling became a zombie, the 3 adults and other hatchling all disintegrated.
  5. Got one from each biome, so tense. good luck and happy halloween.
  6. what is a 2g Desipis from M Spriter's alt x F Chrono worth?
  7. picked up my first Desipis and it turned out to be a 2G from a Spriter's alt!
  8. Interested to see the new Silver sprites.
  9. I forgot that Lunars had metallic in their description as I usually only look for "iridescence" and when the xx:50 shift occurred I just froze at what I thought was a Gold for a few seconds and couldn't even click due to surprise. Makes me wonder how calm people must be in order to get CB metallics.
  10. got 5/6, misclicked a gilded blood scale in volcano.
  11. If Silvers won't be dropping for another 11 days, then I think its time to start hoarding Pinks and Reds again.
  12. I ran out of influences so now I can only hope the genders aren't too skewed.
  13. Got 3 of the brown variety now and locked.
  14. Caught my first CB Blue Copper. now I can have a pair hopefully; uncertain since I can't influence.
  15. I think I got that one just now. I'm just not fast enough to catch the Brown Lunar Heralds but I've managed 4 CB Xenowyrms and a CB Copper today, so i can't really complain.
  16. Misclicked a Sunstone egg but managed to repulse it. Think I might need to stock up on Vampires, they seem to be very useful.
  17. Finally got 2. I can't be bothered to try for more until later. good luck to those still trying.
  18. I misclicked and got a Pyro... which is ok I guess.
  19. How do people click so fast lol. So many times I thought I was first but don't get it. this may take awhile.
  20. Saw my first CB Silver in Alpine just now. Hesitated and missed it.
  21. That is very unlucky indeed. I thought Bite had a high chance of success as well.
  22. Saw first CB Astrapi in a while and in my panic refreshed over it and clicked the Bleeding Moon that replaced it. Tried to repulse it, but it only turned successfully. So now I'm locked as all my other 5 eggs are also on cooldown.
  23. got my first 3rd gen prize and because I fell sick over a period of 4 days, I forgot to influence it. I hoped it would work out, but nope, it gendered wrong.
  24. I noticed that too. I thought it was strange how each Xenowyrm was classed as a separate species, with a page for each. Also, it says Habitat:found in all, but they are biome specific.