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  1. Not the same three eggs.... Just the new holloween eggs.... *le sigh* Lag monster is killing.... BTW anyone know what page that holloween signature link was on? I think I shall put one in my signature, as well as find a Lag monster pic and put it there too....
  2. lest I have a Zombie hatchie... Gosh are dragons hard to kill.... anyone having better luck in the cave yet?
  3. I may be totaly wrong... and simply frustrated becaust of the lag... But what if... Just a suggestion... If all the eggs and hatchies that are dumped in AP on days like this... are distroyed? Code go Vanish (or they are set aside for the days following the holiday), and instead make the AP one BIG egg drop zone? *still cant get stupid page to load...* 500+ people.... good gosh...
  4. is there a catcher still on right now? I cant even get the stupid page to load fast enought to even have a chance at catching one..... If someone else has a faster computer I would love at least two??? either PM me or reply here.... in any case I got one zombie... three 'disinagrations' and one that came back to life*frustrating as all getup* and just to vent my anger... I re-killed it...*le-sigh*
  5. 80/92 half an hour tell midnight!!! (well for TJ at least) and I am totaly going to try to get all the treats tonight, I can just dread the Lagmonster tomorrow!!
  6. 79/92 *le sigh* But I shall defeat the little pixel pictures!! I shall trap them all, give them all names, and snugg them all when no one is looking!!! Any my wee little pumpkin has hatched!! It is soooo cute!
  7. 49 down..... A zillion more to get.....*le sigh*
  8. I have 24 and finaly got a dragon!! or maybe its the gargoyle... its grey and flaps its wings...Hmm...
  9. am I the only one who thinks the pumpkin eggs look more gold than the gold eggs do? Lol, I was just thinking... Ignore me... 20 treats!! yay
  10. ack!! everytime I see a pumpkin I see a treat and miss the pumpkin...lol
  11. wow suddenly there where 6 pumpkin eggs in ap
  12. Its killing me... I keep flinching with the mouse... then shouting no.. holloween dragon!!! I wants the winged kitteh!!
  13. *caught vial of poison* I think you know what I hate... My desire to stay un-locked means I see all the eggs/hatchlings I AM DIEING TO HAVE that ive been hunting for for months, show up now... when I cant get them.... Because I want the holloween dragon.....*le sigh*
  14. OK....*POUTS* I got all excited for a second and was planning to camp at my computer for a leetle tree... But since it isnt true... Never mind!!! *hunts for more treats*
  15. Really? Leetle trees? I havent seen one..... Hmm
  16. I have two different hats...
  17. who cares? there cute, leetle and... and... *goes to look for more*
  18. this is creepy... it looks like the flamingo hatchling....
  19. Ok.. I see everyone showing what there baskets look like... I cant see mine... I get the red x box... can someone tell me what it looks like? http://dragcave.net/user/HarperRider or if they cant see it either? Thanks... yay! I have 8 now!
  20. Finaly got a Pumpkin... Three hours, a sight blockage and anger at greedy people later I have my first 2nd gen pumpkin.. I think Ill wait a day or so to get another, when other people are sick of them.... What other pages besides AP do the little treats show up on? Anyone know? I gots a headless horsman, way cool, and what I think is a.....hatchling.... in a jar...
  21. Draculion(male) Vampanera(female)