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  1. Well Im not compleatly jazzed with what appeared, as Brimstone wasnt one that showed up previously, and if I had known what it liked I would have adjusted against it... (not a huge fan) Oh well... It was a fun event none the less and I live my peguin vs mini dragon armys.

  2. I wonder how many truly active people are on DC right now? Anywho, Im excited to at least see the dragons, and with 300 of each there might be a reasonable chance to get one of each rank, eventualy..... Maybe.... I still dont have each rank of the last couple prizes, but thats ok, Its taken me years to get a Holly so Im patient!!

  3. The '07 or Hollie was the first christmas egg, 'I think it was the hollie' and until last year I think it was nearly impossable to catch one with the holiday limits on old years still being 2 per scroll. Now it is getting slightly easyer, but other than maybe neglected's it is still probably the rarest dragon (other than artists alt's, and new prize ticket dragons.) Ive been on DC for many years, and until this year I could never catch one, now I have a few. Happy Hunting to everyone

  4. woo, I finnshed breeding my valintine dragons, such pretty lines this year. I was even able to continue with my theme for one of last years v-day dragons, it has 4 christmas babies, 4 holoween babies, and now 4 valintine babies with a christmas dragon, yay.


    Im even able to contine with my white+rose breeding, Its so lovely. I love this season, cant wait to see the new dragons and the new event, should be a blast.

  5. lol, sometimes I like the holiday re-colors better than the original sprites... Like the blue stripe just looks epic, the horse-dragon looks more like a dragon now the male red-chest wyvern is awesome the sheild dragons are epic white, if spitfires where this color all the time I'd probably hord them the red water dragon makes the side by side pair look uber cool the gold re-color makes me want them even more than I do already and the purples makes me want to hord too... Good job colorists and artists!!

  6. Soo....... I attempted my Zombie stuffs, as it looked like alot.png of other people did too, and ver few if anyone got a Zombie... Did the delay in the holloween drop affect the Zombie thing? I've never had ALL my attempts fail on holloween before... And there are an aweful lotta failures this year... Last year it seemed that the majority that tryed got at least one success in the attempts... Just wondeing

  7. ..... trying to get the new sunny eggs... I got a cb gold egg instead... I dont know wether to be epicly happy, or miffed... I managed to snag a new egg in the end, but I was blink.gif and then xd.png It is my first Cb metallic other than the newer ones, so I guess EPICNESS 3 new eggs, a gold egg, and a couple semi rares, good week on DC