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    My Wishlist:

    Can take egg or hatchling (Priority):

    - CB Black (female)
    - CB Tsunami Wyvern (both genders)
    - Low gen Gold
    - Low gen Silver
    - CB Ice (both genders)
    - CB Thunder (both genders)
    - CB Magma (male)
    - CB Tan Ridgewing (both genders)
    - CB Stripe
    - CB Summer seasonal(female and male)

    Can take egg or hatchling (Medium Priority)
    - CB Pink (male)
    - CB Nebula
    - Red, Blue, Purple Dino
    - CB Red (male)

    Lineage specifics (All ancestors should be named):

    -2nd gen Terrae from Male Terrae x Female Pink
    -3rd gen perfect checker with Magmas and Rosebuds
    -2nd gen Magma with Rosebud (x2)
    -3rd gen perfect checker with Vines and Tri-coloured Snow Angels

    Hatchlings needed:
    -CB White (male)
    -CB Water (male and female)
    -CB Winter seasonal (female)
    -CB Summer seasonal(female and male)
    -CB Autumm seasonal (female and male)
    -CB Spring seasonal (female and male)
    -CB Moonstone (male)
    -CB Sunrise (male)
    -CB Sunset (male)
    -CB Horse (male)
    -CB Pillow (male)
    -CB Dayglory drake (male and female)
    -CB Nightglory drake (female)
    -CB Spitfire (male)

    Holidays needed:
    -Holly x2
    - 3rd even gen Yulebuck or lower (x2)
    - 3rd even gen Ribbon Dancer or lower (x2)
    - 3rd even gen Pumpkins or lower (From Dark Myst Pygmy preferred)
    - 3rd even gen Shadow Walkers or lower
    - 3rd even gen Black Marrows or lower
    - 3rd even gen Valentine '09 or lower