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  1. I don't remember if I said how many doves I have or not, but since I'm here, I might as well say I only have one pair. The dove I have is influenced male and just hatched. So I'm going to see who wants guys that are alright with non CB. @Arada11: I don't know either, currently.
  2. Active, and I have one dove ready to go for now. But since I need to go to bed, I'll be poking people wanting a dove tomorrow to see if they're active or not. I only have one breeding pair. Anyway, I'll try to make it here tomorrow.
  3. @Starsea: I guess I'll have to look on the list to see if I'm included in your post or not. Kinda forgot but got reminded by the PM I got.
  4. I dont remember how many times I tried before then, but I had 1 success on October 24th, 2010 (with me trying as much as I could, knowing me. May have missed an opportunity once or twice before it succeeded), and hadn't tried much since then. Maybe once or twice. Hadnt cared to count. Since I do want a frozen guardian hatchling, perhaps I should try harder and count. As for the question on the first post, I am going to say this. I believe there is more living Guardians of Nature more than living Neglected dragons (that is what ND means, right?). Mainly due to the fact that most Neglected dragons turn then die, from what I've seen. I've seen very few, but I followed the discussion of them while it was allowed here, and the failure rate seems much higher with the neglected than the guardians.
  5. Once I have another male CB purple, I would like to join this. Just a question. Am I allowed to request for a CB egg that I can influence, or am I only allowed to request doves here? I did see some notice of people that had a CB purple of both genders, but I figured I should check anyway.
  6. Before I froze my first hatchling, I didn't even know you COULD freeze them, as I was quite new and I hadn't had any hatchlings that weren't going to make it before that point. They were either going to grow due to the views the past owner gave them (the case of my first grown dragon) or died as eggs. So when I found the second hatchling I got with only 0 hours time, with no idea about click sites, I tried to see what I could do, and I froze the hatchling, who I later called "Darksweetheart" (unfortunately, I let the hatchling go. But I froze another of a similar linage and named that one "the real Darksweetheart", as an adult had the original name.) I felt okay with freezing, but only if I felt they weren't going to survive otherwise, or if I already had a pair of adults.
  7. I only have one I know of: Danika Dusk I only wish I had a mate for her with such pretty linage. Edit: I found I had another one. Sneaky Vine Dusk Dorkface Thuwed and I bred it with a survivor.
  8. Golden Dream of Hope My first Metallic, and also the first one I knew was inbred. I didn't mind it at first, but when I learned that it was only inbred by one CB gold, I was peeved, but I'm over it now. I'm still trying to get golds from it. Ultimate Red Dorkface At first, I didn't know this one was inbred. It wasn't until I checked the linage that I realized it was a dorkface, and inbred. This is the mate for my gold dragon, and has been since I figured it out. Freezing Sad Winter Thuwed I thought this was my first Thuwed, so I was peeved when finding it was inbred, and only by a CB Storm Dragon. I froze it, because I wanted to keep it, but didn't think I'd ever breed it due to that. Poor Vined Thuwed Seeing it was inbred, I got it as an egg that had about 4 days and 18 hours left, and I didn't have a frozen vine that hadn't gendered, I decided to freeze this one. This was inbred by only because of one CB Stone. http://dragcave.net/lineage/AcmN This was the only one of Golden Dream of Hopes children I've kept. I have yet to name it something with dorkface in it. No Gender Dystiny I never checked the linage for this until now. I froze it because I didn't think it'd grow up, or even gender, and I didn't want to release it. (It gendered female, and I was surprised by that due to my previous thoughts about it.) It's inbred only by a CB Silver. http://dragcave.net/lineage/fNrl This I don't think I knew it was inbred. It was only inbred by one CB vine, and a CB Black named Shadow Kissed. More than the others I've seen so before this next one. Frozen Horse of Time This was actually inbred by one of my own dragons being repeated. I really had no idea at the time, but I found out about it in time to freeze this one. http://dragcave.net/lineage/OhBV and http://dragcave.net/lineage/gX5J are probably the most inbred of the ones on my scroll. If Vampires count: http://dragcave.net/lineage/cn7K I think I bit this only because of the inbreeding I saw, and, now that I think about it, part of the linage looks like it was done on purpose, trying to have all dragons in one linage except for one repeated in the linage of the parents of one of the dragons in that linage. And... I think that's all of them. And now I have an urge to create a story about all my inbreds. Edit: Edited because some links went to the wrong place.
  9. I would bring back the bright pinks, only because I wasn't able to get one. While I was sad to see the frills had gone, and I wished I got a frozen PB hatchie that gendered, to complete my collection of them, I understand why that species was pulled. I have no idea about the bright pinks. Probably because I wasn't here when they were being pulled.
  10. I personally don't like to see dragons I bred ending up dead, unless I killed it myself (I've never done that). I haven't had anyone kill anything I've bred, and I hope the inbred dorkfaces I've been breeding in attempt for a gold (I have an inbred gold and an inbred dorkface, so they end up double inbred) don't get killed, even with their horribly inbred linage. And I never purposely kill an egg someone else bred just because it's inbred, in the case that they, too, may care whether the offsprings survive or not. I've only used the kill option once, and that was on a CB water. I was relatively new back then, and I didn't think the water hatchie was going to survive. It was halloween, so I killed it and revived it, then it became a zombie, and gained its gender like, right after I killed it. If I did want to kill for pruning linages, I'd only kill the offsprings of my inbred dragons after I've gotten an offspring of the species I want. If I wanted the inbred dragons that someone else bred off, I release. But I would mind seeing it go, simply because I do not like options being taken away from me.
  11. I pledge not to breed my blacks. Usually I don't do that anyway, so it should be easy enough. I bite any with long linages I find, if I have a vampire that can bite, so I'll try my best to focus it more on blacks as well.
  12. My Purple Dino was my first rare. And also my 3 or 4th dragon. They were just released when I learned about click sites I could get the eggs to hatch on. I didn't think it was rare, though I was asking myself "Why is it so frustrating to catch this stupid spotted egg?!" And now I know why.
  13. I try to avoid breeding them, but if I catch a common inbred dragon, I see if any of my growing army of vampires can bite (inbred seem to turn into vampires more often than non for me). When I feel generous, I push them back into the AP so someone that doesn't mind can have a vampire. If not, I keep it.
  14. My first rare was my purple dino, Caden the unknown. I was new back then, and I kept wondering "Why is this so common egg so hard to catch?!" Well, now I know.
  15. I saw the basket when I looked at someones scroll after they collected some. I only found 1 so far, but I just started searching.
  16. I think it's an okay idea. As long as it doesn't really effect those that don't want it by making the site laggy (Or even more laggy, if it's always laggy) for those that don't want to battle and just want to collect. Though if it was implanted, I'd want the possibility to have dragons battle dragons on your own scroll, too. To add to realistic means, everybody has disagreements, even with friends, sometimes. If dragons refused to go near each other, that would probably happen between them. A lot. Just a thought. I agree with you here.
  17. Red, Pink, Purple, and White. The first four that survived that I got as eggs: Season (Summer), Skywing, Purple Dino (which I wondered why it took me so many tries to click until I found out Dinos are rare.), and Ocherdrake.