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  1. My plans for autumn lineages haven't worked very well, but thanks to @Moonshineforest and @Astreya, I was able to breed this beauty! ā¤ļø
  2. We've had a slightly colder period in southern Finland (-5 degrees Celsius or so) and today I woke up to a light snowfall that has continued the whole day. šŸ˜ø ā„ļø I'm really, really hoping for a proper winter!
  3. I have never experienced this even though I do have the "auto-fill usernames and passwords" option on. Instead, my browser isn't saving "forms and searches information", and I've also set it to partially clean the browsing history every time I close it. No idea if that could have any effect, though, maybe not. But I use Firefox (in Finnish, sorry for my possibly awkward translations, hah).
  4. Yay! I am so excited! šŸŽ„ I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Varislapsi Scroll Name: Varislapsi Group Name: Varislapsi's Secret Santa 2021 Wishlist: 1. CB silver or gold, 2G prize or 2G SAkin 2. CB verdigris copper, 2G prizekin 3. CB cantormaris (never warded if possible), CB amethyst, aqua or citrine gemshard 4. Checker with elux lucis, tutela cantormaris, pale shumoga or mistra 5. Checker with Christmas dragons or any wintry breed 6. CB winter egg or female hatchling, CB elux lucis 7. Surprise me with a nice CB or non-pure, EG lineage! I love dragons related to space, sea, sky and seasons as well as beautiful colour combinations. But please nothing inbred or with (un)dead parents! For bred dragons, I would prefer either influenceable egg or hatchling that will gender correctly for checker breeding. I would also prefer the right colour/time/BSA variant if the breed has variants, unless it's a purposefully mixed lineage! Breeding abilities: I can breed 2G eggs from any holiday dragons and can try for 2G metals but not specific pairings. 2G mate requests from common non-holiday breeds are fine and I also have around 100 checker breeding pairs (for 3Gā€“5G checkers), including some metal and prize lines. I can breed any 2G hybrids and possibly alts. I don't have a CB prize and can't breed any special lines. Catching abilities: I can't catch rares like staterae or metals, or even aeon or newer gemshard colours. Uncommons that show up more frequently, like other xenos, lunars, florets etc. might be possible. I've occasionally caught unbreedables but I can't guarantee this. I'm not good at code hunting and I can't "make" neglecteds, vampires, EQ/forced variants or pink sapphires. Trading abilities: If I don't manage to catch any uncommons from the cave, I can try to trade for them. I might even get a wild shumoga or copper if I have luck. Rarer CBs or 2G offspring from prizes or SAs is not possible. I think I should be able to trade for 3G prize and SA lines, though. Teleport abilities: Thanks but I have enough!
  5. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Varislapsi Giftee: Terrafreaky Lineage link: h3EGg Breed: gold alstroemeria Status: accepted
  6. I hope it will be translated some day so I can enjoy it to the full! I know it's a bit older but you never know. šŸ˜ø
  7. Aw, too bad this hasn't been translated into Finnish! I remember I loved the 2007 film based on it. Did you like the book? (I'm a bit late I know. šŸ˜¹) I'm reading research articles and some 15th century literature for my uni courses, mostly, but also Lahiri's Dove mi trovo (Whereabouts).
  8. Oh that's wonderful! Congrats @0x08! For me it took so many years to "catch" my tree and it sure is one of my favourite things on my scroll. So, it always makes me happy to learn that someone has found theirs. ā¤ļø Your tree has quite a fitting name!
  9. Checker prizekin from the AP! Not keeping because I have a sibling. šŸ˜ø Enjoy @Alasse!
  10. I noticed my group of checker breeding pairs has over 204 dragons now, so that's over 100 pairs. I know it's not that impressive but for me at least it is something. šŸ˜ø
  11. I saw Ludovico Einaudi for the fifth time! It was so lovely because I went to his concert with my mom, it was supposed to be close to her birthday in March, last year, but it had to be postponed twice because of the pandemic. Always worth waiting though! And the last piece they played was my favourite. ā¤ļø
  12. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Varislapsi Giftee: BreRo Lineage link: 35Pt4 Breed: bronze shimmer Status: accepted
  13. The first egg from my new prize checker pair is a shiny! Thanks again @Chowbster for gifting me the mate. ā¤ļø
  14. Thanks @AGYK and @0x08! Good to know my lineages should be safe. šŸ˜ø
  15. You pick up the scroll labeled ā€œ[scroll name]ā€ only to find that it is charred and impossible to read. Does this mean that the scroll in question was burned? And if yes, what will happen to the dragons of this user? (I'm asking because I have some offspring!)
  16. My last six Halloween hatchies gendered today, and all but one are wrong gender. Some of them were actually my favourite AP finds this year. šŸ˜æ
  17. I forgot to take my keys with me when I left for a short walk in the morning. The rest of the day I've felt too exhausted to do anything, I am quite sensitive so things like this always give me mental stress. My mom has a spare key to my home but it just felt like too much today to go and ask some neighbour if I could borrow their phone and call her. Well, then I met three of my neighbours at the stairwell but none of them would help me ā€“ the first lady told me rather harshly that she doesn't own a phone and the two guys I saw after that didn't stop even though I was holding tears (more or less succesfully) and tried to begin like "Hi I'm so sorry to disturb but...", they just quickly nodded to me and hurried away. It took some time but of course I managed to pull myself together in the end, at least so that I could walk down the street where there is a grocery shop, I mumbled something and fortunately they were really kind and eager to help. Then I walked to the city centre to meet my mom who very kindly came as quick as she could despite having been woken up by a phonecall from some strange number. Luckily it's eight p.m. here now and I've actually been quite tired the last few weeks so maybe I could just find something to eat, prepare myself one more calming, warming cup of tea and get some sleep...
  18. @Ruffledfeathers Haha... that would be me yesterday evening (or night), except I didn't run out of precogs but I wanted to save my last ones. šŸ˜¹ This is not very helpful I'm afraid but my incubated CBs gendered already at around six days (a bit under 3000 views, 1000 UVs is my rough estimate). However, such time wasn't low enough for any lineaged AP hatchies that I had, they didn't gender despite gaining lots of additional views. When I woke up all had around 5 days, 14 hours and they had gendered during the night.
  19. 2nd gen prizekin that will misgender. šŸ˜æ (It's male SW from male bronze shimmer.) Please give it a good home, anyway! Yay, you're very welcome @Ruffledfeathers ! šŸŽƒ
  20. Oh! They seem so unique amongst the Halloween breeds. Very beautiful, and I love the lore!
  21. Exciting, I love the gendered hatchies! Thank you and happy Halloween. šŸŽƒ
  22. I spent the whole week raising money (over 1000 coins) to build a beautiful farm but I started a bit too late... so I filled my farm with cats, mostly. No watering and waiting needed! šŸˆ
  23. And one week later, I've finally discovered all their hiding places and discarded their treasures. Poor little things, but I had to clean up.