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  1. @Darth Krande I couldn't resist. Thank you so much!
  2. @Quinney I'm going to try at least. I didn't throw the pieces away. I received a parcel today, too. Cat food delivery. I'm happy it went well, with the Finnish postal service you never know... also relieved I got it on time, I had just two tins left.
  3. 2nd gen AP electric with nice readable code! It will be sent back to the AP soon if no one needs it. Taken, enjoy!
  4. I just broke my favourite coffee cup that I had bought in Italy in 2015. It was very important to me... 😿 Thanks @Lagie. ❤️ I hope your day went well!
  5. This lovely AP find bred on the chaos day hatched as amethyst. ❤️
  6. Have CB male wild shumoga with code that looks like rain but with number substitution. I'm not really sure what I want, maybe multiple (like two or three) CB pale shumoga hatchies? Or just offer, I always use decline if not interested. Most of all, I would love him to go to someone who has wild shumoga breeding plans because it's a rather nice code. 😸 Also have another CB wild shumoga (gender unknown) that can be added to above or traded separately. It has Z-code.
  7. 2nd gen celestial from male bronze tinsel, female hatchie. Want 2nd gen prizekin swap! Something from my wishlist would be great but I will accept any pairing that I like and don't have already. If offering an ungendered hatchling, please let me know that it has been influenced or precogged. Also please no nebula/alcedine eggs, I usually don't have luck with getting the right variant...
  8. All my six sinos are males so I'd love to see some update. My last try was two years ago though, I haven't been very motivated to complete more zyu sets. 😹
  9. I made a trade with a low-time AP egg but didn't realise how close to hatching it was... maybe an hour later I saw someone had offered exactly the thing I was looking for and clicked the notification to accept, but it was too late.
  10. I also feel like this is something that would fit in the unreasonable demands thread. 😸 There are so many things that would be nice to have, but... That said, I completely understand your frustration! It can be annoying especially when you don't get any eggs from your pair, and they are lineaged dragons so you can't just simply replace that celestial with another one to try again sooner.
  11. 1. 2nd gen celestial from male bronze tinsel, female influenced hatchling. Want some other 2nd gen prizekin, you can see my wishlist for pairings I'm looking for or just offer. If offering an ungendered hatchling, please let me know that it's been properly influenced or precogs right. Other offers welcome as well, I always use decline if not interested. 2. CB thalassa egg. Want CB shumoga hatchling, pale male preferred. Influenceable ER egg ok. Thanks for the shumoga!
  12. @Kegluneq I see CB golds only like once or twice in a year, but unbreedables are something I can occasionally even catch. And I've noticed before that it almost always happens at a .55 drop hahah!
  13. I finally have a CB pair of each new gemshard colour!
  14. Returning the shimmerkin! It just hatched and will be female. @Fuzzbucket 😹 My brain is not working and I thought I was just checking it but apparently I had grabbed it! Unfortunately I don't really have use for it... Enjoy your egg slot! And enjoy your new shimmerkin, @laevsk!
  15. @0x08 My experience is that the answer I got in August (a few posts above) is still very much true. It really is the timing that matters. Yesterday (or the day before that, my memory is not great) I saw someone offering a 2nd gen prize and CB silver for CB sapphire and cantor. And sometimes I see people offering a CB pink sapphire for two or three blue eggs. Things like that... but I haven't really had much luck myself. Maybe I've got a CB cantor once or so but usually just CB hatchies or nothing.
  16. When you create a trade only to get something you would offer on someone else's trade... and don't check before accepting an offer if that other trade is still there.
  17. @pinkgothic Thanks a lot for the gemshard! ❤️
  18. 3rd gen bronze shimmer checker! Enjoy!
  19. Someone else here who knows that feeling! (Although I am trying to stop reporting this after almost every raffle, it can't be very interesting to anyone really. Sorry, again!) Congrats to winners. 🐇
  20. Have 2nd gen pink sapphire from male staterae and female pink sapphire. Offer something nice. 😸 I won't be picky but will decline the offer if it's something I really don't want. (If you need this for a lineage, send me a message and I'll gift it to you!) Thank you!
  21. Wow, I love the mirisia especially. And the pygmy looks very unique!
  22. Have cheese egg! It also has name Ian in its code. Want CB shumoga hatchie (either is fine) or CB alstro floret hatchie. Or CB autumn hatchie, or egg from 22nd. Other offers are welcome, I kind of want to get rid of this egg. I always use decline if not interested!
  23. Beautiful eggs, I'm very curious to see these dragons!