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Here is my scroll and here is my wishlist!

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    You can find links to my scroll and wishlist in my signature. I accept IOUs and could offer one if requested and if you could trade me something I really need or want. You can ask for offspring from any of my dragons for free as I love gifting! Just remember that most of them have their chosen mates and if it's a rare or a special-line dragon without children it's probably not available for breeding yet. I live in Finland which means that my timezone is EE(S)T (UTC +2 or +3 in summer) and that I sometimes struggle with English and trying to be social (haha). If you should ever feel offended or simply confused by anything I've wrote, please send me a message about that because I surely didn't mean it!

    A huge thanks to all who ever gifted me something or helped me obtain things I was looking for!

    Outside Dragon Cave, I am vegan, enjoy rainy and snowy weather, love cats (especially those two I live with), study Finnish and Italian languages and literary criticism in the university, bake my own sourdough bread and take classes in classical ballet. Had I more time (sigh), I'd devote it to reading fiction and writing poems. I dream of moving to Italy for some years and then to a remote arctic place where I wouldn't have to get annoyed by noisy neighbours or the indifference of too many people and where proper winters still happen. That's basically me.