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    You can find links to my scroll and wishlist in my signature. I live in Finland which means that my timezone is EE(S)T (UTC +2 or +3 in summer) and that I sometimes struggle with English and trying to be social (haha). If you should ever feel offended or simply confused by anything I've written, please send me a message about that because I certainly didn't mean it! Also, I clean my inbox regularly so I'm sorry if you wanted to reply to something but I've removed it. Feel free to open a new conversation any time.

    I accept IOUs and I very happily breed for free but please be aware that the majority of my dragons have their chosen mates. Some of my EG pairs are listed in group 161254 (and some unpaired dragons in group 165576). Of course, you can always ask for other things, and I'll see if I can do that. Take a look at my wishlist for more information. A huge thanks to all who ever gifted me something or helped me obtain things I was looking for! I'm also happy to return lost dragons so just message me if I caught your abandoned egg, I will ask nothing in return.

    Outside Dragon Cave, I am vegan, enjoy rainy and snowy weather, love cats (especially those two I live with), study Finnish and Italian languages in the university, bake my own sourdough bread and take classes in classical ballet. Had I more time (sigh), I'd devote it to reading fiction and writing poems. I dream of moving to Italy for some years and then to a remote arctic place without too many people, and where proper winters still happen.

    I came up with my username many, many years ago and it refers to the European crow species Corvus corone cornix. I am very fascinated by birds and my favourite bird could be the arctic tern. I also love foxes.