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  1. Finally have my game. Its so preeeeetty
  2. WOOT! Australian release is tomorrow! Pity I can't get it until friday >< At least this gives me time to do the massive amount of homework I have before then, I want the entire long weekend to play
  3. Gah, we Aussies have to wait until the 10th I may have time to complete a speedrun of Heartgold to distract myself
  4. WOW, congratulations! In just a few days you get to start all over again
  5. nothing until uner two days, and then as many as I can find
  6. Kaala


    I'm in again this year Who needs good exam marks, there is a novel of questionable qualilty to write!
  7. Shameless Bump. Hows it going Zov? I like reading yoru reviews of others work, its reminds me to look for that stuff in my own work
  8. Hello Uh, Zovesta, just saying that my whole thing has changed again, and I'm slowly realising the carpiness of the one I sent you. So, I'm going to RETRACT my request. If you've already read it but havent updated, cool, but if you havent, you can strike it off your list.
  9. Kaala


    I'm going to do everyone a favour and leave, because as soon as the computer is off, something will happen
  10. Kaala


    Why would that be?
  11. Kaala


    I can't be bothered reading all 30-ish pages so... Whats the bet that absoloutley nothing will happen? A wild TJ used NEWS POST! It's super effective! FORUM MEMBER was CONFUSED
  12. yeah, but a single egg with a funny coloured crack stands out to me. eh, maybe TJ has some kind of brilliance in mind that will shock us all
  13. why does the second green egg have a differently coloured crack?
  14. Just finished the entire first draft of the thing you're reading. ^^. Also: *is excited*
  15. Thanks so much for this Zovesta! *bows* Author: Kaala Title: Beta Genre: Sci-Fi Description: 300 years in the future, cloning children at birth for organs is the norm. When a scientist realises that the system is wrong, he steals 'Beta' (clone) children from the nursery and puts them in 'Alpha' adoption homes. Fast forward twenty years in the future, and John Doe (yes, name will change) is kidnapped by a strange man. He wakes up, restrained on a hospital bed. A sympathetic doctor tells him that he is one of the lost Beta children, and his Alpha needs his heart. John is kept in an enclosed city of oblivious Betas until the Ethics in Medicine Committee decide his fate. He must convince the Beta, Ruby of the truth and escape before the committee decides that his Alpha must come first. (I suck at writing these things) Rating: Adult fiction. I don't think there's anything in it to be worried about...yet What you want me to look out for: Basically, ignore the spelling/grammar issues, its still a draft and I know they're there. Style, and just how enjoyable the story is really. Also, how confusing is everything? Just because it makes sense to me... Length: exactly? 8,684 Link: I don't have a dA, can I send it as an email attachment instead? Notes: Its still in draft stage, and only say, the first 5-6 chapters. So don't expect brilliance Haha: this is the part where I freak out and want my precious back...nerves, they shall kill me one day
  16. Real name: old pink Forum name: black ...cool
  17. Fanfiction can be truly shocking at times. I don't use the Oxford comma, simply because I was never told to. I guess Australia is one of the countries that don't teach it. I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of 'The Elements of Style', but every single copy that comes into my store is a special order for a customer. I know that I've made a whole bunch of mistakes in there, so please have mercy Grammar Gods.
  18. the suspense, it's killing me
  19. somwhere between YAY and AWWWW. Yay we can keep them, aww they wont become leetle bunnee's
  20. cool. *sits and waits eagerly while chomping on easter bunny*
  21. how much time is left?
  22. lol, if you get them all you should get a leetle bunnee for your scroll
  23. to kill time before the next egg comes, what do you reckon would come out of the eggs? like, what breeds, what would they look like?
  24. worth it if the dragons that came out were as pretty as the eggs
  25. Those who are finished or nearly done, are people planning on hanging out until its offically over to find out what happens next?