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Arboriel Morchaint is my Tinsel. My list for her tinsel eggs is currently closed. Seeking 2nd gen black-dragon eggs from black sweetlings! See profile for more.

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    Yes, I am the keeper of the tinsel dragon Arboriel Morchaint (code TREE)

    I am currently not accepting requests for her tinsel offspring, but I am accepting requests for fails. I will also accept requests from her 2nd gen offspring that I have.

    I have Cave-borns of all available breeds except Shimmers, and gold tinsel.

    If interested in eggs, pm me.

    [B]I am currently collecting, in order of priority[/B]

    Most Desired:

    2nd gen black-dragon eggs from black sweetlings -
    NOT from the following dragons: (Serac), Dark Soebus, Verilidaine's Forbidden Love, Verilidaine's Marie Dautry, (KS6k), (QOAE), Fiery Candyfloss Soul, Marylian Soul, Unhappily Everafter, Kallisto Nightmare, Dubhda Gaiscioch of Aljan, Candai Milsean of Aljan, Nigra Magio, Candai Milsean

    CB gold egg, or female hatchling
    CB blue copper egg or female hatchling
    low-gen offspring from spriter-alts


    2 alt blacks, 1 male, 1 female