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  1. ((Uh what's happening Ktav? Sorry I succesfully bred a gold egg, it's my first bred rare egg! Its like a christmas present ))
  2. (( here it i sagain so you guys dont have to go looking))
  3. Username:Dragonrider5624 Name: Shullon Dorm floor: 5 Dorm #: 5624 Power(s): l lightspeed reflex, jumping really high. Personality: Kind of perky, she has 4 brothers and she is a master of weapons & kicking butt. She is fast, but not superhero-fast description:(pics allowed) http://www.clker.com/cliparts/a/7/6/2/1238...njas.svg.hi.png those ppls are pretty much her & her bros. Teacher/Student: Student Hero/Villain: Hero! Nickname: S ((i know ita aimple but it fits))
  4. Shimmer leaped into the air, and blocked the dragons path. "Excuse me, she IS Storm Madison Hudson! Now give it to me!" She growled in the dragons face
  5. Gleam sniffed the red licquid. "Crushed red beetle, bark of the hakoki? Where'd you get this? It's SO rare!! Storm, outta the way, I have to do one thing before I give Ribi the potion. Ahmendo!" He cast a spell, which caused the hatchling to be bound into chains. The hatchling yelled "UN-ahmendo!" nothing happened.
  6. "Gleam, do something random that could help!" Shimmer yelled. "Wow, how creative." He closed eyes "Imindo!" Ribi's tempetature went down. Gleam nodded. " Hey little piece of ! See what you've done?!?!?" He was speaking of course, of the little troublemaker pygmy."Are there anymore dragons or spiders down there???" "no....... no... only me" replied the little pygmy. "Get him down under ground then." Said Gleam
  7. "Ok. Hold on!" He flew 200 mikes an hour, reaching the place in 30 seconds and landing. "RIBI! WATS WRONG?"
  8. She clawed Rein, then smacked her in the face with her tail. She bit her, then told Travis, "I can get you a new non-dead bunny if you want......." ((Nick, can add the power of animal shapeshifting?
  9. Shimmer lunged at the spider and it zoomed away, so fast that the little pygmy fell off, and Shimmer quickly picked it up in her mouth.
  11. "Don't worry, hes probably used to it with u being his sister." replies Gleaming Spell
  12. ((im not talking to u, im talking to the pygmy hatchling thats trying to kill u good pic by the way))
  13. "Um.......... none of your business? He's a good human though" Said Shimmer. "I'm afraid I cant belive that. My clan was destroyed by them." "OH SO YOUR PART OF THE CLAN WHO LIVED HERE!" "Ummmm DUH? "Wowowowowowowow!" "Now I have to kill your little friend here, or rather my spider will." "WAIT!" "What?" "What kind of spider is he?" "A Microlocus. They're poisonus to humans & dragons, for humans, the poison is deadly, for dragons, it makes them sleep. Their predators are giant wolves, but none come in here." "Well,some dragons are more in touch with their feminine side, I'm more in to
  14. ((OK)) "Yeah, life's hard for us dragons, its ppl like your mom who really help." Replied Glimmer. "She must have saved hundreds of dragon's lives.
  15. ((MWUHAHAHA! they are all gone.... now we may have the rp to ourselfs!)) "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! GIANT SPIDER! ((TWIST TWIST TWIST )) A colossal spider lept down from the ceiling and.... "Frosted peanuts!" yelled a little pygmy hatchling riding the spider "wat r u doing here draggle? why u have a human?" _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Yeah, the baby. That was me too. All my brothers became big. beefy dragons like our dad, they were all red dragons. My sister was the only nice one to me besid
  16. "Stand back!" she blew to see if there was anymore al therewas was past. "Weird, c'mon let check the next room....." ___________________________________________________________________--"Oh yeah I remember noogies from when I was a hatchling with my family......."
  17. A-A-A-ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Shimmer sneezed really hard, uncovering more. "Woah! It looks like the humans brought even more... and the dragons retreated...... then a war...... nobody won? this is the past, it has to be! The black cloud was the plauge, this has to be the clan's history! ____________________________________________________________________ "hahahaha! Its for a good cause tho, i think he wont mind as much...... but if u were anybody else, well i dont wanna know!" Gleam laughed, made sure she was holding on, and went upside down. "hahahahaha!"
  18. "It looks like first picture is one of a dragonr flying a dragon on their back. Then a tribe of humans chasing the dragon. Then more dragons.... killing the humans..........." _______________________________________________________________ "hehehehe. If he wasnt your bro he'd be SO mad. C'mon get on my back. I can fly you over the forest.
  19. "Alright Ribi, lets try this room" Shimmer took a tunnel on their left. Leavng the eggs concealed in a nest. "Hey...... I was wondering, If you want, if theres any rooms with dangerous icesicles or something, you are welcome to go on my back. We wouldn't fly, but it might speed things up." In this room, There was carvings of dragons. "OH MY GOSH RIBI! This tells a clans whole history......... MEANWHILE Gleam asked "do you have any money? where will we get anything? I'm sorry, I cant go in the town, someone might see me."
  20. "Great! Ribi, you can explore with me and Gleam can go with Storm to get some supplies if she doesn't have any. Lets go team!"
  21. "guys, I know its cool, but dont go exploring alone, we dont want anyone to get lost." Gleam nodded. "Storm, Ribi, can any of you draw? Id love to exlpore and map this place!"
  22. "We should make a nest for our eggs." Shimmer told Gleam. "ribi and storm, do u wanna help? She noticed that there was a hole and around it was the beech tree's roots, protecting the hole. She pointed it out to him and he said "Look aroung. Theremay be something living under this tree." As she circled around, she found a huge hole, big enough for a dragon to fit in too. Shimmer told gleam about it and then went in. She gasped. There was a huge network of tunnels. There were huge rooms. "WOAH! The whole clan could fir in here......" She called to them to bring the eggs. There was huge comf
  23. She took turns with gleam to warm up the eggs. "Gleam, when do you think they'll hatch?" "I dont know."