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  1. I have the urge to make a Partridge in a pear tree song. On the first day of christmas, TJ gave to me, 12 tree ornaments. On the second day of christmas TJ gave to me....
  2. OMG. Contest? WOOHOO! Will they be able to breed? I'd kill for one. Do we get an ornament today, or just a tree? Hmmmmm... Merry Christmas!
  3. (When they came out, they were mildly common) All these dragons that live in different enviorments, silvers live in mountains, yet you have water dragons? (I imagined owning a LOT of land!) Incubation- yes, an egg will make it hatch faster. Why your dragons don't eat you! Vampires/Zombies- wouldn't they just eat your other dragons? Naming Limits- Yes, I care that some other dragon hoarder miles away has a name that I want
  4. Ugh. I couldn't get one. Now I'm sad. Anybody got an extra?
  5. I use it all the time! I found out A LOT of my draggles are inbred. O wells, I really dont care.
  6. I have a rarely recuing dream that went like this: I was walking down a street with my mom and brother. We were totally happy. Then I saw it. It was a giant Croc, as big as a humback whale, when his heads was up, taller then motel he lived at. He was apparently a tourist attraction. My mum gave me something to feed it. I silenty looked at my mom with a 'Nooes! Its scary!!!' But she made me do it anyways. He ate me. The I got a view of the back of my mom and my brother, and they were cackling. "MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!" and then I woke up. Another: This Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal
  7. Its true, but Tj did his best, and TJ's best is good! Plus, there were WAY too many victims to save them all. I can't remember where I hear it tho, i think it was an old thread. Sorry! But I have a good memory and it's definetly true! RIP victims of the data monster! OMG! THERE SHOULD BE A PIN! A really cool datamonster picture.... Hmmm I had my Mint and Whiptail survive, but my red dragon died/was revived It's so funny on her stats, it says Egg stolen on: July 17, 2009 Hatched on: July 28, 2009 Must be a kick in t
  8. My black egg is at 3- to last hatching stage at 5d 13h. With 1714 views. My yellow has 1 crack, with 5d 20h, and 1736 views. UGH! I cant wait tilll TJ'sd grows up! And I really need to know what gender my yellow is, so I can get an opposite gender. I hate waiting. EDIT: yellow has 2 cracks Edity: I incubated it. I wonder what'll happen?
  9. I think it has. I tried the AP, main cave. I DID get to the terms for some reaso, Ironic, don't you think? I got onto my account too. OOH! ITS BACK! GO GO GO GO! EDIT: It froze up again. EDIT: Its back!
  10. OH NOES! My computer wont load! I got the black one tho. Is it the LAGMONSTER AGAIN? I hope not. Great job TJ and spriters!
  11. (sorry. first real post. Anybody care to join combat class?) The gym teacher said "We ended early, due to the slaughterhouse dodgeball. Anyways, you have 30 minuites of free time." YES! Shower time. Shullon thought. She ran to her room (I hope the rooms have showers...) and after her shower, combed and dried her hair. Off to class. She thought
  12. Shullon Woke up, in her new dorm. She went down to breakfast, alone. She sighed. At least at her house she wasn't alone. Even If her brothers WERE infuriating. When she was done, she ran to her dorm to grab her books for later classes. She sighed. While walking to Gym, she thought about her last days at home. Her brothers were angry that they weren't going, since they were all fighters for good, and wouldn't talk to her. She made it to Gym in time. "Hey, I'm Shullon, the new girl." "Welcome Shullon, go get changed for class. We're playing SUPER DODGEBALL today!" Said the gym teacher. "What's t
  13. Gleam teleported them all home to home, while the kids found rooms they wanted to sleep in. "No, no, no, we are all sleeping in a family room. Plus, more dragons might want to stay here." said Shimmer. "Anyways," said Gleam "It's safer." Shimmer noticed Thurgood in the corner. "It's okay sweetie, not everyone turns out like their parents. Plus, your part of our family now." Thurgood said "I was like you, in a breeding mill..... The dragons rebelled but my father helped keep them under control.... My mother was a white dragon... My sister's eyes are a emerald green.. she like hunting but... sh
  14. I IS BACK! after months... I dont have a one track mind. Oh wells! Whats happening?
  15. BUMP! Jab jab... Gleam went all fuzzy for a minute, then 2 cages popped up around the humans and the adult gold.Said the golden hatchling "I hate how he acts. I don't know why he works for them, they are evil. I mean you no harm, anyways, im only 5 years in to my hatchlinghood but ive already grown mah wings." "we might be able to keep the gold hatchie, or at least raise him. but the dad......" said gleam. "I need to teach my father. is there anywhere to keep him?" said the golden dragon. "there is a plato near here... I could put spells on it to keep him in it....." "good. My name is Th
  16. I am officially back! So all that I said DID happen..... anyways to continue! "What are you doing. Fredrick? Tater? GRRRRRRAAAAHHHHHHHHH" said a golden dragon, who came up behind the hunter "who hurt them?!?. "Our children have freed you! Do you want to live with us??" Asked Shimmer. Aall of a sudden, the little silver hatchie walked up to the gold dragon, took a big sniff, and grabbed the little magi hatchling and ran, dropping the magi and the magi running after the silver. Shimmer asked the hatchie, "What's wrong" she asked The little hatchling pointed at the gold and said "Bad dragon.
  17. Hello everyone....... no time no see...... Oh well...... After 3 hours..... " I can't find them." said Gleam. "Oh, Okay. Hey, Can we go outside with the eggs, it'd be so nice for them to be outside when they watch?!" asked Shimmer, "In a while, dear." Gleam replied. ONE YEAR LATER (or pretty much where you guys r now.....) "why wont they hatch?!?!" "They will in a minute." Replied Gleam. "Lets go to snowcape peak, the tallest in the mountain range!" "Ok!" Replied Gleam! After flying up to the mountain, when the eggs hole was big, the sights seen, Shimmer and Gleam fell asleep, and woke up
  18. "Oh no, Im late for class! she ran to whatever class she was supposed to be in, and sat down.
  19. Shimmer yawned, waking up from her long nap in the cave. She noticed small cracks in her eggs, "gleam! gleam! they are hatching!"" She jumped around in joy! Gleam woke up, hearing her joy. "Shimmer! I have experience with this kind of thing, it takes a while for them to hatch..." Gleam replied. "But when will they hatch?!?!?!" shimmer demanded "later today,maybe early tomorrow?" Said gleam. "ooooohhh I wanna find storm and ribi!!! I want them to see it! I'll go get them and some supplies, stay here gleam in case the pygmy breaks loose....." And then she flew off in search of ribi and sto
  20. ((Ktav? Lets just say my characters went to bed underboround with the pygmy tied up, the leetle monster... i can see a future for heem..... when when do you think my eggs should hatch? Maybe just in time to save our butts.....))
  21. "Ribi..... wake up!" Shimmer yelled, pleading, and then she turned around to the pygmy. "What have you doen t him!!!???" ((When should i let the eggs hatch? Hmmmm.... any ideas?))
  22. ((hero school to train her awesome ninja skills))
  23. As Shullon Walked into the hall, she gasped. "Woah...... this place is HUGE!How am i going to find anything???"