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  1. I realize that, I wasn't saying that it couldn't take others anywhere, but based on me as a person, it wouldn't do any good.
  2. Hah, I'm in grade 7 and I don't want a boyfriend. I think I'm mature enough to realize that being 12, dating probably won't take me anywhere. Yes, it might teach me lessons but I don't care.
  3. She woke up rejuvenated. Aah, lovely. The salt air always does me good. Under the cover of darkness, she flew over the water and turned mid air into a cookiecutter shark. I've always wondered if there are sharks up here. Swimming around, she found sharks, small ones, but out a good 50 miles from the harbor. She saw back and morphed into bird form. She got back, took a shower, and headed by air to Boston.
  4. Well, here's the main thing. I vote Gandalf. Spoilers below for HP and LOTR. 1. They both die. But Gandalf comes back even more powerful. 2. Gandalf died in a battle with a Balrog. Which is freakin' huge and powerful. Dumbledore planned his death because he was stupid enough to put on that ring! If he didn't, he would still be alive and DH would be much different. 3. Dumbledore plays everyone likes puppets. Gandalf is all, screw that! I'm going into battle myself! 4. Gandalf was first. Don't get me wrong, I love both. But Gandalf wins hands down.
  5. Single and loving it. 1. I'm too young to date 2. I don't really want to all that much. 3. All my friends dated, and 100% of BF are and one proceeded to stalk and tell rumors about her. . 4. The only boy I liked drifted away and sort of fell in with a crowd I didn't like. Plus, I'm over him. 5. A boyfriend would get the wrong idea about my bestest friend (lol) because we've been friends for 7 years and are very close. I even know what he's gonna say sometimes. Haha. It's nice to be single. You don't always need to be in a relationship.
  6. I loooooove Twilight Princess. Looove everything! Graphics, Plotline, everything! I haven't finished however, as I am stuck on a noob level that I should've past months ago. The caravan level. I can't do it. I can get past the bridge and wave one, but I can't ride/shoot/put out fires.
  7. You do not need cotton buds to clean a giraffe ears. It can do so with its own 50cm-tongue.
  8. Random fact: group of crows are called a murder. Haha!
  9. I said the spouse should have a say, not the final decision. I'm totally against that. The father can not have final say whatsoever. It's ultimately the mother's decision. I believe I made that clear. It's not his choice, it's the mothers. But he should be able to have some input as well, as it his child too.
  10. She soared. Wings otspread, a tilt of them would send her on a barrel roll. She dove down to a sign. It read: 60 miles to Rockport, MA. She dove intp the air once more, and sped up. Later She smelt salt air. Diving down, she saw the main Street. Opening the house, she fell asleep.
  11. I am pro-life, however I am not the kind of person who would force their beliefs on someone, as that is ignorant. I think people need to take the mother's situation into account. "Will it be a dangerous pregnancy? Is the mother's financial situation secure? But I think that yes, it is a woman's body, and ultimately HER choice, however, I agree with Annilalate as well. The fact is that it's not just the woman's child. It's also her partners. Personally, if the partner wanted the child, even if the mother doesn't he should definitively have a say. Maybe he should just get full custody.
  12. One of my friends was saying how much they love Zim (I do too) and my Dad told them that the creator also made Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. It freaked them out. It was hilarious!
  13. ((She's going to Boston... Because I have no one to RP with anyways.. )) When she got back to the house, she morphed into dog form again. "Hey guys, me again. I'm going to Boston. Do want to come?" Nikki yipped a yes, but Teddy woofed a no. "You guys are staying together. That's the only rule. I'll give you some time." When it was clear that it would take a while, she sighed and turned on he DVR. Meh. I'll watch Rocky Horror. The dogs were still arguing in the backround. "Quiet DISCUSSION, please and thank you." Hey Janet. Yes, Brad? I've got something to say... "WOOF!" Ella looked down to
  14. Ella sighed. Boredom had taken her again, as it had for the past 50 some-odd years. "I wonder what going on with the others." By the others, of course she meant the other mutants. She hadn't talked to any of them in a while. A shame really, Logan was nice. And good looking, too. I suppose I should head over to Boston. But what to do with the dogs...
  15. It's sad to say we don't have much diversity where we live. Most of us are of European descent. The few people that ARE the minority, I'm glad to say, are not picked on in anyway.
  16. Ella sighed. It's amazing even when you're extraordinary, how life can be so boring. She was in her winter bungalow, getting ready to stay out of sight for the winter. I'll go visit the town. She opened the door, letting a cold blast of air in. Teddy and Nikki started to yip excitedly. "Shh, Teddy. Good girl, Nikki." The dogs were her pet white longhaired malamutes. Ella closed the door and shifted. Shifting is an amazing feeling. Hair turns to feathers, you shrink, your nose and mouth grow together... She was a falcon. An Peregrine Falcon, to be exact. She twitched, eyesight is much better i
  17. Name: Ella Rosa Berks ge: 116 (appreance of 25) Power(s)[You may only have three.]: Immotality (can be killed though), Unaging, shapeshifting, Side(X-Men or Brotherhood): X-men Residence(Somewhere in the United States please.): Vermont Appearance: Brown hair and murky blue/green eyes. Personality(Not Marys or Garys.): Strong hearted, but often fails to see a problem because everything compared to what she's seen is minuscule. She often fails to connect with people because she is scared of losing them when they die. Brief History(Do not give me a story, I do have a child to take
  18. Seeking RPs Username: DragonRider5624 Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): Medium length, don't really care. Preferred Genre: Fantasy, Warrior Cats, or Animal. Other: Really want active RPers.
  19. I once dreamed that I was at my school (which was located where the elementary school is) and a GIANT orange Mafia-Crime Boss-Supernatural Caterpillar was calling out hits on anyone who opposed him. I started to yell profanity at him, then when his hitmen started after me, I ran. After running all the way home, I unpacked my camping gear. I talked to three of my friends, Zach, Julia, and I think Jacob. This was really funny cause they're all wussy in real life. We chose our weapons. I had a icepick the size of a short sword while Zach took a cat's paw (carpentry tool) with one side sharpened.
  20. Carrot cave was when the word dragon was replaced with carrot. Ie, my username was CarrotRider5624. What a fun time! There where Cheese Carrots, Gold Carrots, Silver Carrots, Paper Carrots, Canopy Carrots, etc. It was hilarious.
  21. FML. No email. :,( congrats to winners. Dang, I really though I'd get HM
  22. I can't wait!!!!! I'd love to even get a ranking. Personally, I don't like the ones with too much, or the ones with ornaments making up shapes. One person I voted had all their ornaments off the tree! Oh well, Good Luck Everyone!