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  1. Petfinder lol. It was in someone's siggy. And so the addiction was born.
  2. No, the new pinks were to replace the old pinks. Or so that was my understanding. I loved the old frills, I avidly collected them and they were the only dragon breed I collected in huge numbers for no reasons. (Blacks for breeding, etc.)
  3. Supah False. We already got our first snowfall last week. It melted tho. TBPM watched/s Zim?
  4. wpafdhfa Why poor aardvarks flail during huge film anniversary? adgl
  5. We actually had a ukulele session in our music class. Very fun.
  6. Lol, I'm in (only flute player in) Jazz Band and I have a solo in 25 or 6 to 4. Like my fav song ever. But it's improv/scripted.... and I can't improve rock songs on a flute. The written solo is terribl (so sayth the conductor) So my friend is writing it for me. He's really excited too.
  7. Gemeinhardt. It's what, 3 years old? Pretty good shape, considering they gave it to a rough 4 grader. My word. 0-o I think it's a Western Concert Flute.
  8. I would like to write whatever I like. I read/approve descriptions, but I don't care. I think no min and no max. Therefore, write however long you want. EDIT- I reviewed ONE description, and now it tells me there are no more for me to read. Lolz. "Sorry, we couldn't find any descriptions for you to check. This probably means that there aren't very many descriptions left that you haven't checked already. Refresh and you may see more." Win.
  9. I know HOW do to do it. I just can't. I can do each thing individually, but cannot do them at the same time.
  10. Granted, but then all the snow that has been repressed releases in a giant snowstorm of doom which kills you. :3 I wish for an adult neglected dragon.
  11. I play flute. Although my flute is being stupid right now and will not play D, E, or high E. My father accidently adjusted the keys 7 8 and possibly 6. :C I kinda wished I played saxophone or clarinet too.
  12. Granted, but it looks terrible. I wish for an autograph from the buffy cast.
  13. Harry Potter! Lol, jk. I honestly don't know because besides Warriors, the only book I want them to make is the Hobbit and it's coming out in 2012/2013. (It's in two parts.) A GOOD remake of Eragon would be great.
  14. Granted, but when you catch it you break it. I wish I had another cow beanbag chair.
  15. I used firefox but don't like it. Same for IE. Chrome wins.
  16. I love all candies - banana. I especially love Milky Ways and Rolos
  17. Has your poor piggy: Been let out unsupervised? Been near other pigs? Been outside? If she ate a houseplant, many are poisonous and she would definitively need a vet. If it's an illness (probably not the case) she may have contracted that from another pig. If she's been outside, she could have eaten a bad plant or feces.
  18. Granted, but it is paralyzed. I wish I had 1 million american dollars
  19. Granted, but you have an extra two school days at the end of the year. I wish I had an iPad.