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  1. Tie your mother down in my pants. That's just weird.
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody in my pants. Wait, what?
  3. SPOILERS I heard that 1 katara and aang have a son who knkws airbending and is teaching Korra. Also, Toph I'm pretty sure is alive, started a whole authoritative movement in Republic City who she taught metalbending too, and this system is now led by Toph's daughter. Also, new fire bending pet called a fire ferret. Looks like a red panda
  4. Suwako died of shock when she heard they were ending the kirby franchise.
  5. Well, there weren't many potentials left. The bringers killed them all. SPOILERS- I reeeeally miss Anya. She was such a cute character. And Spike. I like Angel (only because he's played by David Boreanaz) but he's sooo moody and all, and as Spike would say, bugger that.
  6. Granted, you found that it died and was resurrected as a zombie fish and promptly kills you. I wish my side would stop hurting.
  7. Lol a banner for a RP I'm in
  8. Omigawd I love Buffy. In fact I was just looking for this. I LOVE BUFFY! -squeal- I watch it all on Netflix actually, because they have all seven seasons. I just finished the finale last weekend and it made me cry. For two days. Not just because it's sad, but also because I'm just now realizing no more demons to fight, no more new adventures. Oh well, I should just buy season 8&9
  9. 1. Hypocrites. Cannot stand them. Do not respect them. Won't respect them. 2. Screaming children in public. Why bring them> -__-
  10. This. Inbreeding is definetly not for me, but that's just me. The fact is that cousins have only half of the genes that you do, because if they were related to you by their father, their mother would pass down genetically different genes.
  11. Penicillin. Not like the stuff in blue cheese, there's not enough, but if I'm exposed too long or too much I break out in very itchy hives the size of my hands (and I have BIG hands). I'm intolerant to something used in some sunscreens, I get rashes.
  12. True/False. I like it ok, but vastly prefer Sprite. TPBM has ever had a compaq computer? (Mine keeps overeheating. ))
  13. False. Blue is pretty. TPBM has/had guinea pigs?
  14. Granted, but the chef is deranged and adds cyanide. Happy thoughts! I wish that my computer wasn't defective.
  15. True. False. Wait, what? I just said it, so technically.... yeah. TPBM is not a vegetarian.