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  1. Are you a mini human? Or are you a hatchie human? I know a lot about humans, but I've never seen a mini like you. i'm sorry if I seem rude, but I was stuck in cages for my whole life by humans. I don't like those types. They're evil. I'm not evil. I hope your not evil. If your evil, which I'm guessing you aren't, ten you have no reason to fear me. Can we play hide and seek? YOUR IT!" She sneaked up beside the fire, then turned invisble. She fell asleep. (does nick know I can turn invisble?""
  2. Evil humans must die. Good humans can live. If u evil, then you shall die at the blade of my claws!" She sniffed around, then jumped on silver/white dragon. Leaned over, looked her in the eye and said " Hello. Are you Shiel? Whaddya we gonna do? Can I be co-leader???? Am I asking to much questions?
  3. She smelled a white/silver dragon, and she opened her eyes and said "hello. what are we doing?"
  4. Shimmer woke up, opened her eyes, and saw a human looking at her. She shrieked! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!" She shook, not knowing what to do.