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  1. T.V- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I looove it so much. Especially the Armstrong family. And Izumi Curtis. Movies- Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away.
  2. True. Omnomnomnomnom. TPBM has/had guinea pigs?
  3. Hmmm... When I was five, I was playing baseball with a neighbor. I was empire. My memory is a little fuzzy, now but.. We were playing in his yard, he was pitching to himself, not 30 feet from my house. I was empire, but I couldn't back of anymore because they had just cleaned their yard or something- anyways there was a bag of sticks so I couldn't back up further. I had this nagging intuition- Don't stand behind a batter without a mask... repeatedly. Anywho, the kid (who was about 6 or 7) swung behind with all his strength- with an aluminum (at least) 3 pound baseball bat. It hit me right on my eyebrow, inches from my eye. If he swung lower, I would have an eyepatch right now. I have the funniest memory of falling, him running inside getting his mother who shrieked and ran to me. I sorta blacked out and I was pretty sure I was brought inside. Anyways the weirdest part is when my parents came to get me, I was seeing things. Everything was colored green, like the emerald city in the wizard of oz. I have a scar where half of my eyebrow is missing. But because one eyebrow is white and the other is black, people can't really tell it's there anyway. My friends and I were having a running contest- who could run fastest on a stone wall. I fell (luckily on the wall not the ground) and fractured part of my wrist/thumb. I had a huge cast for like four weeks.
  4. False. TPBM has/had/wants to walk to school. (We walk even in 0 degree weather)
  5. I hate Crowfeather. I honestly kinda hate Jayfeather too. Well the part of him that is mad at Leafpool. Honestly, she had it coming, but he should treat her... not aggressively but give her more of a cold shoulder. Same with Squirrelflight. They deserved it, but they shouldn't be openly hostile. I'm hating ono Squirrelflight because she lied to Brambleclaw, who I liked. Also Squirrelpaw was annoying as
  6. Haaaas anyyybody seeen thaaat cupcake?!
  7. This is my best ever. I <3 it edited to lineage link
  8. Honestly I find brotherxsister sisterxfather or whatever completely and totally disgusting. I'm sorry, but me and my father? No no no no no no no no never I would rather die. Seeing somebody as a father/mother figure or whatever and then... ugh. creeps me out. A lot. Cousins.... well, my cousins are cute but never. Second cousins are too far apart for me to care.
  9. Oooh! Cuuuupcake! I caaaan smeeeell yoooou!
  11. Granted, but it gets sickness and dies. I wish I had smoked gouda in the house. (omnomnom.)
  12. If you want, I could help you out with fair trades if you cant post. Don't accept, trust me you will get scammed. Edit- Unless you've been on the site a while pf course.
  13. Oooh, you got a 2009 warrior cat and a 2009 rare air elemental cat. That can be found here- http://static.chickensmoothie.com/archive/...0A413&bg=aac4da or here- http://www.chickensmoothie.com/archive/2009/May/Malk%20Cat Nice one. I got a good haul, this- http://static.chickensmoothie.com/pic.php?...E5FF6&bg=e6ebf2 very rare 2008 butterwolf. And a 2009 februrary http://static.chickensmoothie.com/pic.php?...3D91E&bg=e6ebf2
  14. You guys are great! Thank you soo much! My favorite part is all the new dragon sprites by far. Reminds me of CarrotCave. I especially love the cooked chicken.
  15. I used to abandon 90% of the eggs I bred as they were failed rare attempts. But now those numbers are reversed.
  16. This. The ways that the people are killed are a of a lot more humane then they killed their victims (in the case of serial killers, serial rapists, etc). Quite frankly, I could care less about the killers. They knew fully well what they were doing. The victims and their families deserve closure. However, if they are not 100% sure that they were the killers, don't. No need for an innocent to die. If the killer (especially if it was a first time) shows true remorse at what they have done, there is nothing to be gained from their death.
  17. I used to watch Cartoon Network all the time. So most of the original shows, like Dexter's Lab, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Codename Kids Next Door (loved that show) etc. I watched some Nickolodeon, I remember Hey Arnold when I was older and Rugrats, Zim, and Avatar when I was younger. But mostly CN.
  18. I liked the show. Yes, sometimes I wanted to punch Ed or Edddy through a wall sometimes or to tell Kevin he was a total **, but that's what made it memorable. It's way better than the crap they have on now. I miss shows like the Edds, Dexter's lab, KND, and Powerpuff girls (to a certain extent) Courage the cowardly dog for me, never creeped me out. I just could not stand the abusive owner. And what happened to Courage all the time. Like on most shows, I only liked one or more characters. I liked Double D too.