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  1. Just snagged this little guy. My first of the new prize dragons, too! Thanks Kharaen!
  2. I joined in '08, around the time Guardians were released (ah the days when we had a dozen breeds and a single cave...). My forum account wasn't made until a good bit after my scroll. My first baby. I've recently returned after a couple years hiatus, it's not the first I've taken, but I always come back.
  3. I have also successfully created a zombie, we should be alright!
  4. 4 turp x ridgewing and 5 turn x moonstone refusals here (out of 4 and 5 attempted breedings respectively)
  5. Apples, ant bites. Many shampoos, detergents, and deoderants. Cologne or perfume, especially AXE. If you put me in a room with someone who's sprayed it on heavily I can't breathe. Unfortunately, it's all the rage to bathe in the stuff or to spray it in an enclosed space... Also most adhesives. I learned this fun fact when I was hospitalized last week. I had reactions to all the EEG pads, my IV, and anywhere they taped gauze over needle pricks Needless to say it was a *super* fun experience. Even after I got out, I used my first band-aids since I was a kid and had reactions to those...
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    I'll never know, but apparently it's not ridiculously uncommon. Not common either, but hardly unheard of. On a side note, I'd like to toss another number out there because of what I've been seeing tossed around as the cost for generic birth control for a month. Admittedly it will vary from brand to brand and based on how large a dose you have, but I lost a pack of my birth control (which thankfully my insurance covers) a couple months ago. Replacing the lost pack was not covered, and even for my generic script it was 70 dollars for a month. This is more than double the 30 that was stated earlier. Admittedly condoms purchased from a drugstore will be comparable if not more expensive (depending on how often you have sex) than my BCP with insurance (about 7 dollars a month), but it's also sometimes close to the only option. Because of the other medication one of my friends is on, she's incapable of getting the shot, taking the pill, using an intravaginal ring, or virtually any other method that involves hormones. She's managed to find another solution, though, in buying her condoms in bulk from suppliers. Stored properly, condoms can take a year or more before they "expire", so if you're planning on having sex every other day or so, you can often get your condoms cheaper than in the overpriced 10 packs at your local grocery or drugstore. Course, that only works if you're very active and have a partner who won't refuse to wear a condom.
  7. Joining the bandwagon I suppose, this seems like it's probably a joke, but if it's not I'd love an invite
  8. Last 12 bites have been half killed, half turned and stayed. I dropped in really to see if repulse even happens anymore! It used to be for me roughly half repulsed, but I haven't had a repulse in months...
  9. Xy, why would you do a terrible thing like that? D: Anyway, you know I can't resist a peelow <3 Sign me up!
  10. 3 golds in the past week from me (from frill, black, and ribbon dancer). Course, I bred on V-Day, which might explain how I magicked so many up. Less people breeding when they need their sports for the holiday~
  11. I'll be going on four years of hoping for a holly, I've seen three hollys ever. Not really hoping for much better this year. Hopefully those who have them will continue to spread the cheer, though Eventually one will trickle down to me, maybe. Holly population just doesn't grow as quickly as the DC pop, though...
  12. We can't tell you what you're missing if you don't tell us what you have @onkloudnyne: investigate the flash in the living room
  13. Some people have been having no trouble getting good amounts of views, but for any egg, new or not, I've been having to use 6 hatcheries starting at 6.5 days and I still have trouble getting mine to hatch on time, especially if they've been incubated. ERs have also slowed down a lot unless your egg is extremely ER...*had a new egg sit in the normal 6 fansites plus 6 ERs for nearly two hours last night to get it from S4 to hatched* :|
  14. I'm a fan of this suggestion, and the checklist option seems extremely viable. Awesome idea.
  15. I'd also like to mention for those suggesting we use outside resources, I would love this simply because I misplace outside resources so frequently. If I accidentally throw out a piece of scrap paper, delete a .txt file thinking it's no longer useful, or misplace a URL, I no longer have any idea who I owe something to. Just the other day I was sitting in #dctrades asking for the owner of a particular pair of dragons to PM me because I lost their name and didn't know who I owed the hatchlings I had obtained to. It would be awesome if there was a private history, even a very temporary one (the last 10-20 transfers/trades you did, or the trades from just the last week or 2).
  16. Just tossing this out there, the snapdragon concept is far older than your concept was. It was originally submitted a year or so ago and was removed due to inactivity if I recall correctly. It was just remade. Trust me, they aren't copying you at all.
  17. If you only want to fog selected dragons, there's a decent chance you're only fogging a couple. It seems to me this suggestion is for when you want to fog all of your growing dragons, which now might be as many as 21. If there's an easy way to code mass fog where you select what you want I'd be happy with that. But I'm more in favor of, for simplicity's sake, the option to fog all or to fog one at a time.
  18. It would help a lot if we knew how this does not work with the ratios. Objections seem to be still overlooking the same simple premise. As I understand it, at least, is that all common dragons at this point in time are supposed to be a roughly 1:1:1:1:....ratio. From there, how we understand it (or perhaps wish it was) is that uncommon dragons run on something like a 20 (random number) commons:1 uncommon dragon, and rares are something like 100 common: 5 uncommon: 1 rare. He's stated there that rare dragons do not have the same rarity, but does that mean that the "perceived rare" black and "actually rare" gold don't have the same ratios (which is obvious)? Or that Silvers and Golds, which as far as the average user is concerned, are not equally rare? (Hypothetical questions) We (the general user) seem to be under the impression that all commons are equally common, whether they seem it or not (be it blacks or spitfires), and all rares are equally rare (silvers, golds). Or that there is some sort of ratio along those lines that makes blacks, which are in high demand, equal in population to spitfires, which are not, and then things like silvers and golds come along when you have x number of each of those commons to satisfy the ratios. The suggestion is rather than having 60 breeds tied with ratios to each other of x:x:x:x:x:....:y:y:...:z:z where x is a ratio for every common, and y is a ratio for every uncommon, and z is a ratio to every rare breed, things might be put in "sub categories" where it doesn't matter the ratio of breeds within the group, but it matters the overall numbers of the group. So say we have all of our common dragons, from blacks to balloons to canopies in one lump. We need 1000 of these to balance out the ratios for a rare. In this situation, it wouldn't care if there are 400 blacks or reds or stripes and only 2 balloons if that's what people want for their commons. If TJ doesn't like that, that's cool. But there seems to be a large voice asking if it's possible to make that somehow happen. We know that in the past year there have been just as many blacks as there have been canopies. But if people want blacks more than canopies, is there a way to do that without blowing the ratios to smithereens? Is there a way to work this so it only effects nominal commons, which TJ would determine?
  19. Haven't had as much time as I'd hoped to practice lately. Are these lines any better? There are still some places where there are lines two pixels thick, but those were parts with details that couldn't be fully defined otherwise in my humble opinion. Comments very welcome!
  20. I'm in strong support of Nine's funny badges. I'm also in strong support of trophy badges beyond gold. Many of us had gold trophies or nearly had gold trophies as soon as they were released. I'd love to be able to work toward some absurd number of dragons in a way I didn't get to before Plus, I get sort of curious about how many dragons (roughly) people have. Once you have the gold trophy, it doesn't matter if you have 500 or 5000 dragons. I'd love to be able to guesstimate better with extra trophies
  21. Yes! I see what you mean now. That was intentional, and a technical error on my part. Thanks for the pointer!
  22. Was the comment about the lines having places more than one pixel thick for the raccoon, or the water thing? If it was for the water thing, I thought I had gotten the lines right. Is it a general problem where I need to go back and take a closer look at the whole thing, or just a couple spots? If so, could you tell me or circle where so that I can better identify how it looks when it's off? If it was the raccoon, I know those lines were really messy, I just wanted to do some shading, musculature, and most importantly practice with furry textures. It wasn't supposed to be a high quality product, just a tool for certain elements to be practiced I'll fix the lines for that tonight or tomorrow probably as line touch-up practice, but since I wasn't working on lines at the time I didn't bother making them spotless.
  23. I would very much appreciate any or all of these suggestions being implemented, even those which are only listed under the vaguely related. Teleport is wonderful as is, but it still has a lot of untapped potential, and this suggestion topic covers a lot of teleport's weak points
  24. First attempt at lines, using one of dracchan's Slaskia's (misread the art labels) sketches in the first post. I'm going to work on making a flat with it, but I could certainly take crits on anything obvious. Edit: cleaned up Aaaaand...Now the colored version Crits? Please? Latest version, decreased some of the highlight brightness to make it suit the base better Final, until I get some crits. Fixed some lines, etc Flat of a raccoon I made, because they are the most adorable ever :3 I will be using this to practice texture and shading, and any others are welcome to use it for private practice or in this topic.
  25. Wonderfully excited about this info. Thanks for the mobile update, I might check things from my phone more often now. THANK YOU SO MUCH for guaranteeing some drop time at the top of the hour Also random breed heads up stuff is nice to know! I'll lay off the reds for a little bit and work on rounding off my bluna goals