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    Behind you. Or if we're trading, it might be more like EST.
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    I have been away for a couple years finishing college. I've returned casually.

    Gifting My Dragon's Offspring! PM me to request :)

    Wishlist Priority: 2007 Christmas, 2013 Halloween, 2013 Christmas, 2014 Valentines, 2014 Halloween, 2014 Christmas, 2015 Valentines. Happy to trade for an IOU come next holiday. My needs for scroll completion are huge since I took a couple years off- if you're feeling kind you can find a list at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JTyWsyrwD5TxUBA26_5IKjRXDT_K9HkUXOkhdKbnGyc/edit?usp=sharing