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  1. ((I don't see you in the members list... Did you PM Cyda, and did she accept you? If not, you can't RP here until you do.))
  2. ((Wow, I've been REALLY inactive. I want to somehow get into the middle of the thing with Doom, Fusion, and Doom's father, but I'm not sure how Keisha can make an approach... But... I'll do my best. What's going on right now? I need a small re-cap.)) Keisha was watching the entire thing from the skies, and she sighed soft as she watched Niomi run off. Glancing back at Doom and Fusion, she smiled a bit, glad that her friend was alive, but she was also really worried, knowing that Fusion wouldn't hit her sister... And her dead sister for that matter. Deciding to come out of hiding, the Guardian gently glided down next to Doom and Fusion just as Doom began to hug her. With a soft sigh, Keisha used her massive wings and tail to wrap around the two dragons, forming a group hug. "Doom's right," she said quietly to the dorsal dragon, a small smile on her maw. "Hey, Fuse. It's good to see that you made it." Where's Arget...? She thought quietly, but shook it off, knowing that it would probably upset Fusion even more if she hadn't found them since they were freed.
  3. ((What is going on? One second Doom's talking to Keisha, and the next, something completely different is happening. -.-))
  4. Keisha looked around, noticing that the Pink has gone, and she sighed quietly, looking back over at her mate. "Yknow... We've been awake for days now, and I still haven't found any of my children." She groaned.
  5. Keisha, her eyes wide from what the Pink had said, shook her head. She was about to answer her question when Doom yelled. "What the f*ck, Doom?! What is wrong with you?!" She hissed, glaring at the Black Dragon. (I got a really bad case of WB...))
  6. Completely ignoring the Pink's question, Keisha raised her wings a bit. "I know I'm not in charge here anymore," she hissed "but that doesn't mean I can't kick your ass. We're at a war with humans, I don't think this place has a dragon in charge here anyway." Sighing softly, Keisha sat down, her wings still raised, her markings still glowing faintly, still ignoring Cydae's question. "Wait... Fusion killed you. You're obviously not a ghost, because Doom was able to pin you down. What are you?"
  7. Doomy-Woomy? Who the hell does she think she is? Keisha growled softly, stepping in front of the pink, the flame markings on her body glowing red. "I've heard about you," she hissed "but he never actually told me what you looked like. 'Doomy-Woomy' has told me everything about you." Her normally brown eyes started to turn red. "And I think... If you want to be on my good side, I suggest you pipe down and go find someone else to bother."
  8. Keisha blinked, staring at what was going on in front of her. I don't think Doom has many friends... She thought to herself, swallowing the remains of her meat, eyeing the pink. She walked over to her mate, whispering into his ear. "Who's that?"
  9. Keisha blinked a few times, oblivious to Doom's behavior. She was worried, but she knew that Doom would have it under control. "We'll think of something..." She said quietly. "If anything we can build... Some sort of shelter. Or maybe get the humans to help us out." She sighed, "Somehow... Hey, are you alright?" She asked, noticing him slowly eating. "You're usually like... Cramming the damned thing down your throat whenever you're hungry. Something's wrong. What's wrong, Doom?"
  10. Keisha smiled and shook her head with a chuckle. "Doom, don't do that. Fancy doesn't go together with you... Especially with you acting like a hatchling almost 24/7." She lied down and began to chew on the meat, almost groaning because she forgot what good food tasted like. It took all of her strength to eat like a lady, not digging in and getting meat everywhere. "Uh, Doom..." She looked up at him. "What are we gonna do about your father?"
  11. Keisha was staring at the piece of meat in Doom's hand, her stomach growling. She hadn't remembered the last time she ate... She didn't eat since they were freed. Mouth watering, Keisha inched closer to Doom, lightly nudging him with her tail. "Uh... Yeah. Got anymore for the lady?" She smiled.
  12. ((Back from my hiatus. What's going on?))
  13. Keisha, pretty much zoned out, looked around, suddenly coming back to reality. "Okay... So... Wait..." She sighed softly, shaking her head. "I'm still confused. What are we... Or you... Supposed to do about this whole Dark Daddy coming back?" ((Really bad WB. My apologies.))
  14. Keisha slowly began to process everything that was being said. "So... Okay, let me get this straight. Doom's father..." She turned to Niomi "Is the one that killed you. Okay. I get that. You, Doom, and Fusion, fought him once... And won. Yet he's still alive." She tilted her head. "How if you won? Didn't you make sure to like... Check if he was dead? He can't be immortal. That's just stupid." Huffing, the guardian dragon sat down and shook her head, listening to Doom. "What... Exactly did you do to your father, sweetie?" She asked nervously, not sure if she wanted to know the answer. I think Niomi is right, though... We must hide... Or warn the others and just take him... There's no way that he'll win if he's greatly outnumbered...
  15. Keisha's eyes widened, and she froze. His father? But I thought his father... Blinking a few times, the guardian wondered. Come to think of it... Doom never really talked to me about his parents before, and I never brought it up because I didn't want him feeling uncomfortable... Wow... Shaking her head, Keisha looked up at her mate. "Okay... He's back. So what? I mean, the King of Darkness title sounds kind of intimidating, but besides that..." She paused. "He's your father... I don't think he'd want to hurt you no matter how much it seems like it."
  16. Keisha's eyes widened a little bit at the small ghost hatchling, her head tilted to the side. "Slow down, sweetie... Who's back? What does he want?" She shrieked and flew a bit away from Doom when he roared. "What is going on here?! Who's this dragon we keep talking about?!"
  17. ((I'm gonna assume Keisha can see Niomi as well, since I was just gonna have her find Doom. )) Keisha had been flying around for a while, with no luck in finding her children. She was just about to give up when she saw a hint of black in the corner of her eye. "Roran?" She whispered, hopeful, but then sighed when she realized it was Doom. "Wait... Doom!" The guardian smiled, flying over to him, then paused when she saw a familiar dragon clinging onto him. Is that... She's a ghost... She looks so familiar... Keisha blinked. How can I even see her?! "Um... Excuse me?" She said, reaching over to poke Niomi, but blinked when her claw went right through the dragon's body. Yep... She's a ghost alright. ~~ Nixon continued walking through the caves, his ears perked up. He heard the sounds of claws hitting the floor behind him, but he brushed them off as rats. Ugh, I hate this place. I'm really starting to feel claustrophobic... He thought to himself, then stopped when he could have sworn someone called his name. "Cruzora?" He whispered. I thought they were gonna stay behind and look for the others... He listened intently for another call, but none came. Shaking his head, the Silverbellied sighed. "Nixon, you need to get out of here before you drive yourself crazy. They'll be fin- GAH!" He was too busy talking to himself that he didn't hear Copper approaching him from behind, and he made another groaning noise as he came in contact with Cruzora. He regained his thoughts just in time to hear Copper laughing hysterically. Sighing, Nixon stood up with Copper still on his back, offering his tail to help Cruzora up. "We all reunite in the weirdest ways... I'm not very surprised anymore." He chuckled, then looked over at Galant. "Did you find anybody?"
  18. "Cruzora?!" Nixon was wandering aimlessly through the tunnels, scared. His eyesight was better now, and he could see a few feet in front of him, but he had lost the group a while back because he was so lost in his thoughts. "Crap... Cruzoraaaaa?" He called, hearing his voice echo throughout the caverns. That's just great... Sighing, the SilverBellied looked around, contemplating on whether to just find the surface and hope they find him later, or to look for them and THEN leave. Whatever... They'll catch up later. I need to find a way out of here. I'm starving. Nixon's thoughts were accompanied by his stomach growling. Before turning around, Nixon took a deep breath and roared as loud as he could, the sound being heard by everything within a few miles. If they don't hear that, well... They're going deaf. After the echos faded away, Nixon turned around and broke into a run, trying to find his way back to the surface.
  19. Keisha looked below her as they flew over the clearing, a sad look in her eyes. Her mind was still processing how everyone went from living large in a beautiful castle, to in a small clearing. The humans will pay for this... She hissed in her mind, snapping out of her thoughts when Akula pointed to the small lake. "Ah," she said, beginning to land. This'll do for now, I guess... At least until he grows... Then I'm not sure what we'll do. Hopefully this lake leads to a bigger body of water so he won't be confined to one spot. It took Keisha a few tries, but she finally landed. "I need to work on my flight skills..." She mumbled. "I'm really out of practice... Welp," The Guardian dragon put her tail next to the lake. "Here ya go... Go swim around for a while, maybe there are other sea dragons in there. Tell me if there's a tunnel or something that leads to another body of water," she said, "This lake isn't big enough to fit a full grown dragon. And by the looks of things, you'll be growing up pretty quick at this rate." Keisha looked around, seeing some other dragons, but nobody she really knew. Sighing, she turned back to Akula. "I'm going to go look for my children and mate... Give me a roar if you need anything, okay?" With that, Keisha turned around and ran deeper into the clearing. I need to find Doom... I need to know if he's okay.
  20. Keisha chuckled, shaking her head as Akula climbed into her tail. "Alright... Hold on to something. I have to admit, my flying is a bit shaky... Being trapped for over two hundred years does that to your wing muscles." With a sigh, Keisha spread her wings and took off quickly, making sure her tail didn't dangle. Akula was heavier than she thought, and it took a lot of strength to keep her tail level with her body. "Remember, we have two hours." She reminded him. "Then we need to get you to a body of water quickly... I'm not sure if those plants grow at the clearing... They only grow near water. Let's just hope there's a small lake or river somewhere around there, at least closer." After a few minutes, the clearing came into view. "There, look down there." Keisha said, pointing. "Tell me if you see any lakes or anything that you might be able to live in."
  21. Keisha smiled, lightly patting the hatchling on the head. "Alright, good. It works. That'll make me more comfortable." She glanced at the sky, glad it turned back to it's normal self again. That was fast... She thought, Must've done the deed already. Keisha turned to Akula and nodded slightly. "Alright, that should last for about two hours. The clearing that all of the others are living is around five minutes from here if I fly. Wanna get on my back?" The guardian dragon laid down on the floor, unfolding her wings, and looked at Akula. "Unless you wanna ride in my tail since you're small enough."
  22. Keisha smiled a bit down at the hatchling, wrapping her tail around him. "A brave one, you are..." She cooed, stroking Akula's back soothingly. Hmm... I wonder... Keisha looked over at the plants. "Well, you obviously need water to survive... You'd have to go back down there someday. But..." Keisha walked over to the plants, picking some up in her mouth, and walked back over to Akula. She dropped the plants in front of the dragon's feet. "If these plants can help keep an earth dragon under water without dying, maybe they can help sea dragons stay above the water for a while without dying." The Guardian shrugged. "It's worth a shot, and they taste pretty good," with that, Keisha popped one into her mouth with a smile. "I used to eat them even when I wasn't swimming. It's mint. Try it, see if it works. Then I can bring you to the others."
  23. Keisha whimpered and backed up as Doom's wounds began to close. "Doom...?" The Guardian whispered, and squealed loudly as her mate's body began to glow. "Doom!" She fell backwards and watched in horror as he transformed. He looks like Tar... She thought to herself, too scared to move. Oh, god... Please still be Doom and not some crazed dragon seeking revenge... Keisha almost instantly relaxed when she heard Doom's voice in her head, then cringed. It sounded different. Playing along...? She thought to herself, watching her mate fly off. "Wait! Doom... Be safe, okay? You can only die so many times... I love you..." The guardian dragon sighed and shook her head, tears still streaming down her cheeks. Then she remembered Akula and whirled around, relieved that he was alright. "Akula, sweetie..." Keisha walked over to the edge of the lake, ignoring the heartbeat, ignoring the pitch black sky. "I need you to do me a favor, okay? Swim as deep down as you can in the lake, okay? You'll be safe down there, I promise. If you want I could come with you..." She said, looking along the lakeside. "Those plants over there help earth dragons breathe under water for a certain amount of time. I'll eat a few and come down with you if you're too scared to stay alone." Keisha smiled, trying her best to sound soothing. The worry was obvious in her voice.
  24. I'm waiting for Carni to post... Since our characters are trying to get Carni's charrie out of the caverns.