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  1. I have the power to live |:
  2. Umm, as far as dragons getting sick I have mine on three fansites (Egg Drop Soup, Silvi's Lair, Valley Sherwood) and they haven't gotten sick at all.
  3. Kayota


    I have a lot of cats. I'll tell you about each of them. Tex is a black and white tuxedo-marked cat. He's probably 13 or so. He was in the shelter for a year. The shelter had set up cages with animals in them at the mall for an adoption day. My mom wasn't looking for another cat but he jumped out and into her arms and the next day she went to the shelter and got him. China is a siamese-and-white cat - basically, she has brown spots and siamese markings but she's mostly white, like some ragdolls. She's around 11 or so. She came from the shelter too and she is so named because when I was little I thought Siamese cats came from China! Pod is a fat, longhaired, orange tabby and white tux cat. He is the third Pod my stepmom has had, and they've all been big longhaired orange cats. He came from a rescue, and my stepmom got him after Pod the Second died. Edited to add that Pod is also my baby, and the laziest cat ever. Dodge is a small orange tabby-spotted cat. He got stuck in my stepsister's engine and she drove to my house for my stepmom's help getting him out. He's named Dodge because the car is a Dodge Neon. Twist is a tortoiseshell. My mom sent me to the farmer's market one day and told me to get whatever I wanted... I came back with a kitten, and of course she couldn't tell me to take it back because she did say I could get what I wanted! She's named because her face is orange on one side and black on the other, perfectly split, and then it switches on her chin so the opposite sides are orange and black. Kind of like a checkerboard. Bear is a gray tabby and white tux cat. His mother came from a guy who was giving away kittens at Rural King. We took two. One of the kittens died and the other ended up being impregnated by one of Twist's sons that we had at the time. We kept two kittens and one died. Twist is fixed now, also.
  4. I can make toasters fly. Inside jokes!
  5. I have one. Let me find it http://dragcave.net/lineage/NELj I don't own the offspring but the parents are mine <3
  6. Oh god. So many for me. Oreo Cakez Icecream Cake Derpdeederp Suck and fail The Soramonster Sup Dawgg Frenchtoast Your Mother Roxas the Fatty Chicken Eggs Anonymous Pwns Vexen is my daddy-o Shoopus mah Woopus Da Twinz Demonic Jacob Good Evening Gentlemen Shut Up and Sleep With L Pepsifaec Axel the Tranny Old Fat Cow Roast Beef Sandwich Hello My Name Is Voldemort Don't Drink and Fly General Stonewall Jackson Furry-Paws Newgrounds Mayor Phlemming Shut Up Johnny Depp Gee Bungle Alice is a winner
  7. The funny is in that there's a fish like Pokemon called a Magikarp which, when caught, only has the move splash (generally) and splash does exactly nothing.
  8. My green dino, Anonymous Pwns. From May 15 2008.
  9. That goblin shark is extremely odd but also really awesome.
  10. Tell that to MY rats! Edit: This is really neat: Edit edit: I rescued this lil skink guy from a tub of water in my backyard. http://h.imagehost.org/0677/0528101511.jpg
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    -steals the Magikarp and runs-
  12. Here's my spreadsheet. This project sounds fun ^^ Now watch me forget to check on my dragons... lol EDIT: I love how that one hatchling's code is an actual word... Musk. Epic.
  13. cream cheese enchilada! I'll join I'll watch: Gold Male - 9rYY Geode Female - JeT7 Vine Female - qe8T Black Female - KqIN Alt Black Male - sjGB Silver Male - IlSv Green Striped Male - urH5 Albino Female - jb0T Is that alright? o.o Edit: I made a spreadsheet but I don't know how to link it. o_o
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    The CAPTCHA Lineage.

    Um... sooooo is anyone gonna answer my question?
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    The CAPTCHA Lineage.

    Question: What do you do about eggs descended from a CAPTCHA dragon that are abandoned, if all of them have to be named using CAPTCHA? http://dragcave.net/lineage/Xeng Gothic And Eerie Captcha http://dragcave.net/lineage/8b8N The Dwyer Gothic CAPTCHA I decided to start adding Gothic to ALL dragons in my cave/bred by me recently. If you were wondering.
  16. Kayota

    The CAPTCHA Lineage.

    I'm in. Starting with my Purple and my red Dorsal eggs Since I have nothing better to do with my dragons.
  17. They go after hearts that have a lot of light too. Keyblade wielders generally have a big heart with little darkness, and heartless are always after keyblade wielders soo.
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    YES! I do. My cave is 4103. I'm selling some wajas also anywhere from 75k to 200k.
  19. Heartless are the manifestation of the darkness in a person's heart. The more darkness in a heart, the more powerful the resulting heartless. This is all after the owner of the heart has been successfully defeated by a Heartless of course.