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  1. I work for the cruise industry. I haven't worked for 5 days but when I did last it was over an hour between calls. I'm picking up my work from home equipment in a couple hours. I'm not really holding my breath for sales--and frankly, when I DO make a sale for anything closer than a year out I feel bad for it, but I have to if I want to keep my job and make a living wage.
  2. I'm really glad we CAN rename now because I came back after a long hiatus to find one of my dragons was, for whatever reason, named something racist?! I have NO idea why I would do that and I changed it immediately I'm also really glad to see that a trading system has been implemented!
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    Egg Drop Soup

    Huh. I guess it was a fluke?
  4. Kayota

    Egg Drop Soup

    It's just weird. The other day I was getting a ridiculous amount and now I'm getting very few. Comparing my mature hatchling to my egg: Egg from yesterday: 100 views/day Mature Hatchling from several days ago: 958 views/day What gives? It was the only site I used for the hatchie as well as the egg but the egg is getting a tenth of the views.
  5. Nothing yet, my stepmom came up from texas and is taking me to cracker barrel in a few.
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    Egg Drop Soup

    is anyone else not getting NEAR as many views as usual on egg drop soup?
  7. That's what I thought... I also have it in my signature on a forum but I don't think that would be enough either honestly.
  8. Is this why my eggs keep getting sick even though I only have them on Egg Drop Soup? I never had this issue last time I was active here and it's frustrating.
  9. aw man i really like the pair with the blacktip, i might have to do that
  10. My scroll is mostly unnamed right now because I was inactive and I guess I lost all my names. But I'm working on it. So I would like to take the oath and just bear with me as far as the naming goes, I'm trying to find good ones. I, Kayota, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  11. Apparently PunkHazard with no space wasn't taken. Also Hordy Jones and Eneru which are alternate spellings of those names. I am shamelessly naming my dragons after One Piece, yes.
  12. You have 246 to wear for fun because who cares what's in style?
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    I'm getting a 50 gallon tank some time soon! My 10 gallon will probably devoted to a small female betta sorority or some such.
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    It shouldn't be - I've never seen anything in any standard about tongues, and generally the judge won't -open- the dog's mouth, just lift the lips to look at the teeth.
  15. It's to get attention. They think people will pity them, or that it sounds cool. @chickenhound It's weird... people usually think I'm older than I am. But... I still like cartoons... and other kid things. I'm not afraid to be silly... even though I'm going to be a legal adult in 4 months. I guess in some ways I'm more mature than most of my peers at school, and less so in others? -shrug-
  16. I guess... I wasn't like that when I was 13 o.O I was argumentative but I didn't go walk up to someone naked to get revenge on them. Even when I was 7. He was... really ridiculous. Really bad, he's never going to get anywhere in life. His parents never punished him for anything but they were always treating my girlfriend like crap. They spoiled him.
  17. ^Not to mention I am diagnosed and I scored lower than that on the test. "I have to warn people that I might not be able to handle everything at once and might need one or two people I know to coax me out of the corner as the night goes on. It's a very slow process, but eventually I do get out there and usually meet at least one new person, when I do get out. " Yeah, I have trouble actually talking to people/meeting people too. That's not really what I'm talking about - I mean like, I know this one kid with Asperger's who's 13 and acts like he's about 7 because his parents won't help him. @Tikindi - I meant more like the 12 year olds who are doing it to be cool, I understand if it's an -adult- who says that sort of thing. It just seems to be a bit of an internet fad right now with preteens and younger teens.
  18. ...wat. Seriously, what's your problem? People with worse things than Asperger's reproduce. o.O Anyway, two things that REALLY irk me: Parents of children with Asperger's who baby them and give in all the time because they don't know how to push "NO." or what have you, and also people who have Asperger's and won't actually work on their social skills, and People online who say they're autistic when they've never been diagnosed professionally. Srsly wat. And I also hate being called an Aspie. I really do. I don't let it define me - it explains why I do some things, so I take those things and make the most of it instead of letting it control me. Example: I'm obsessed with dogs. I love them, I "store knowledge" on them. I'm going to be a vet tech and show my dogs in agility, and I can tell whether a dog is safe to approach by its body language 9 times out of 10. Random fact: Asperger's is more prevalent in males. I'm female-bodied, so people always seem really surprised if they know that fact and I tell them >>
  19. I've been diagnosed with Asperger's. When I was 8. I took that quiz and got 114/200. But I've worked a LOT on social stuff and other things, a ton of those things would have fit me 5 years ago.
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    Squiby anyone?

    I've got far too many to post, but... http://squiby.net/user/Kayota And there's the ones in my sig.
  21. Anime: One Piece Age ristriction: 13+ I think. If you're not watching the awful!!! 4kids dub ogod >> Rateing: 5*! Colour: I think blue and red both apply at times but mainly red... maybe someone else who's seen it can weigh in? Anime: Soul Eater Age ristriction: 15+ I think. Bit more nudity. Rateing: 5* Colour: Mmm.... black. There's some blood but not a TON of it. But again, maybe someone else can weigh in. I'm only 5 episodes in after all ^^;