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~I BREED ON REQUESTS (information in profile) + WISHLIST IN PROFILE ^^~DoubleGoldstar5.gifShichibi.png Chakras.png3853700339_4ac1c7543e_o.jpg Ani_LC.gif ur04j.gif Lineageabm5.gif

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    GERMANY ( GMT + 1 )
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    .~* WISHLIST *~.

    ----------> Cave borns (CB's) <----------

    *** CB THUNDERS =D ***

    Blacks (any gender), they're my favourite breed, even if not CB,

    2x Golds (male + female),

    2x Silvers (male + female),

    always looking for new Trios (Magma + Thunder + Ice) ^^,

    Dinos for freezing (S1 = highly preferred and only if I have room),

    3x Neglecteds (male + female + unknown)

    ----------> With lineages <----------

    2nd gen. purebred Blacks (Alt + Normals),

    2nd gen. purebred Stripes (currently ALL colors),

    2nd gen. Thuweds,

    3rd gen. Thuweds (even gen. preferred),

    2nd gen. Dorkface,

    3rd gen. Dorkface (ONLY even gen. + pure White x Gold),

    2nd gen. purebred Vine/Dark Green (ONLY Alt),

    2nd gen. purebred Geode (ONLY from CB Stone x CB Stone)

    .~* IMPORTANT informations for others *~.

    I do breed on requests, if you find something interesting on my scroll (for breeding), all you have to do is :

    *I do NOT accept breeding requests for Gold or Silver or Shimmer dragons dragons, sorry*

    Send me a politely PM, please NO hip-hop language (shizzle dizzle, I c u and such stuff) !
    I'm not talking about kay, kinda, gonna, wanna, but the message should be as normal as possible, please =3 .

    Tell me from which dragon you want an egg from and with which mate I should try to breed it with .

    I'll only breed, when we're both online and you're unlocked, because I requested eggs from others, too and I'm also working on lineages .
    So, I can't and absolutely won't, sit on the egg and wait, sorry =/ .

    Keep in mind, that some of my dragons have, possibly, long waiting lists or are unavailable for requests at the moment, but ask away, I won't bite ;) !


    I'm also open for trades, if I haven't posted in the ''Rare Trading Center'' or ''A dragon trading thread'', shoot me a PM with your offer and your desire =) .